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26. srpna 2010 v 21:44 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  LES MISERABLES
Photoshoot and interview... what do the Roses say about each other?


"It is a sublime rose-coloured symphony with tact of sadness that dances elegantly;
fate is a rhapsody of the darkness..."
-Versailles - Aristocrat's Symphony-

Their staff waited patiently for the band-members to arrive. The chosen renaissance mansion behind their backs rose magnificenly into the skies, its archways, portals, niches and high window-arches were perfectly sculpted out of a slightly brownish stone. Detailed photos of each band-member were to be taken in front of grey door of the back entrance to the manor. The photographer went on to take a look at the door and surroundings together with his asisstants. Those photos had to be perfect to match the band's vision of totaly beauty.
After a while the band-members arrived. They have come in two cars and once they got out from the cars, many of the staff smiled. Seeing those highly noble dressed man, two of them in woman's clothes, with a lot of make-up on their faces almost tossed them into a different world. Not that they truly cared about how other people dressed themselves. Besides, all of the visual-kei bands were more or less like this during certain periods. After some time they will grow tired of it and leave the visual style. But who was to say when this *time* will come for this concrete band?
They bowed their heads and exchanged formal greetings with each others, hurrying for the job to be done. All of them, staff- and band-members too, were anxious, hoping the photos would truly look like they imagined. Matching the light, fixing the dress and make-up, enhancing the effect of aristocratic style with a rose. Yes, it was a rose that has become their symbol, because they were the Descendents of the Roses.

After the photoshoot they all sat on the armchairs set up in the garden. Green grass below their feet, high trees above them, scent and sound of nature all around made them feel relaxed. Cold drinks were served. Looking at the side to see the mansion to which this park belonged made them dream about those old times they were playing and singing about. Then, the interviewer came. It was a decided thing, though not entirely welcomed by the band-members, that every member was to say something about the other ones. They weren't together for that long yet, but they already hit high places among the foreign fans. Now it was time to introduce themselves by more than just their music and visual style. Some words were needed, said words, not sang...

"Hizaki is a being of twisted light," said the singer of the band and sucked on his drinking-straw. Mentioned guitarist lifted up his head and gave an almost invisible smile to the singer. From his look no one could tell if he truly agreed with what was said about him. "He may look like a princess, noble, delicate, graceful and modest, yet in his sparkling beauty lies an unkown danger. Just don't get fooled by his innocent looks or he will take your soul."
The blond haired "princess" in pink and white dress with black laces and a silver crown set on his head bowed to the interviewer, mysterious light sparkling in his blueish eyes. His soft pink lips curved into another innocent smile and shook his head as if to deny Kamijo's words about him.
"His guitar melodies are fluent and majestic just as he is. A magnificent royal music that touches men's hearts. What do people dream about when they listen to his guitar? I wish I knew. But I know what it brings to my mind," singer Kamijo and the frontman of the band paused for a while, waiting for the expected question from the interviewer. He obviously enjoyed this moment. Once the question was asked, he laughed softly. "No, I won't tell you that. It must remain a secret - just me and Hizaki's melodies."

The interviewer turned then to another band-member. He seemed to be a polar opposite of Hizaki, with black curly hair fixed with a high brochet with peacock feathers. His skin was very pale and the contrasting effetct was even enhanced by his wearing of dark violet and black dress. Tightly tied corset made him look very slim. Even though a distant sadness was filling his eyes, he still had an aura of constat happiness and strength. He smiled widely and answered interviewer's question concerning the band-leader Kamijo.
"He is a very good friend of mine. Yes, sometimes he acts like a devil and pretends to be selfish, arrogant, standing high above others and thirsty vampire craving only for blood and souls. But in reality, he is a deeply caring and friendly person, who I admire very much. He never once said a bad word to me, though there are times when he behaves as a fiend towards others. A wild man he is, full of secrets and mysteries and behind that mask of his lies a sensitive and fine soul," the bassist smiled towards Kamijo and then continued. "Don't laugh, he truly is like that. You can feel it in the way he sings. His heart is filled with strong emotions. Such a voice cannot belong to a cold and uncaring vampire, though he plays his role pretty well."

Kamijo bowed his head with a little confused look and thanked Jasmine You, their bassist, for his kind words about him. Hizaki kept smiling in silence all the time. Now it was time to hear something about Jasmine You and the one to be talking about him was no one else but Teru, another guitarist of their band. More praises were sure to be said. He found a more comfortable place on the chair and crossed his hair on his chest. White laced sleeves fell down to his waist. His blue coat was embroidered with golden threads and laced in white. He looked very young, youngest of them all, perhaps because of his big blue eyes and innocent features of his face. His round cheeks were framed by his white leached hair with a black streak in the front part, giving him the air of a supernatural being that couldn't truly exist in this world. Others would describe him rather like cut out from some manga. Either way, in fact he indeed was right there and about to start his speech.
"Jasmine You is a fine person. I'm really glad I've met him, that he is in the same band with me. He cares so much about us, making us happy merely with his presence. Whenever one of us feels down, he is there to ligthen up the mood. Why is he playing a witch, a dark sorceress? Perhaps you merely misunderstood. He is more like a good fairy that would bestow her blessings upon us without seconds thoughts, willing to give his own comfort for our sake. Indeed, I cannot imagine my life without him anymore."
Teru nodded to his own words, satisfied with what he had said and how it came out from his mouth. The other members nodded as well, knowing it was all true and Jasmine's cheeks flushed with red a little in this unexpected praise. Teru gave the bassist a quick look, before he went on. "He plays the bass, that would make some people think he stays in background. Well, indeed he likes to be in the back of the stage, but his skills keep the songs underlined with steady and perfect rhythm of his. And those ornating curves he gives into his bass playing, it makes the songs sound even better. You shouldn't underestimate the position of a bassist, he is a very important member."

Once again the interviewer thanked for the beautiful answer and turned to the fifth member of the band. He was a tall young men with fair hair cut in different length framing his pale face in which his dark eyes shone as two black gemstones. His outfit consisted of black coat with silver lining and embroidery and tight black trousers. These dark colours indeed matched his pale bueaty well.
"Teru? He is always so full of energy, always jumps around making fun out of everything and everyone. He truly enjoys this life and acts as if today was the last day he's here. Sometimes I think of him as a little devilish imp, playing pranks on us, but he never wants to hurt anyone. It's just the way he is, like he cannot be serious not even for one short moment. That's what makes me wonder sometimes what is truth and what is just a game to him. Still, his guitar skills are marvelous and the music he creates beams with the same energy that fills his veins. And he puts everything into his efforts - always. That's what I really like about him."

Now, only Yuki's characteristic was needed. The interviewer turned towards Hizaki, the lead-guitarist. Beautiful princess smiled softly in return, putting on a quizical look: "Why are you asking me?"
"You're the only one who hadn't yet said anything, Hizaki-sama."
"You won't get out of it, Hizaki, just tell him all he wants to hear," Teru laughed and took another juice from the table. He eyed Yuki all the time, perhaps he wondered if the drummer truly meant what he said or why his answer was so short.
"Where to start then?" Hizaki's voice was surprisingly deep and contrasted heavily with his girlish looks. But it was a very fine voice to listen to. The interviewer closed his eyes, so his eyes wouldn't get fooled by Hizaki's outlook and charms. "Yuki is a good friend. Quiet, serious, thoughtful, protective. Yes, all those adjectives suit him. He would do anything for those he loves and I'm sure he cares about everyone of us, his band-mates. No matter his age, he always acts like an older brother to all of us. Strange, isn't it? I should lead him, yet somewhere along the way he's grown stronger and I know I can count on him if the need be."
Hizaki looked at Yuki. Seeing his face darkening and covering in grim shadows, he quickly continued. "Ah, but don't think he never smiles. He does and then his smile is the most beautiful thing in this world. I only wish he would smile like that forever. Dreams are locked in that head of his, that's why he seems to be lost in thought, even while drumming. Can you feel those dreams, his pains and his joy in the music? It matches the Versailles's concept perfectly."

One flashing smile of the princess and even Yuki couldn't stay cold to him. A soft smile flickered over his face and his eyes were lit with a deep emotion of love for his friend. The interviewer then stood up and thanked them all, turning once more towards Kamijo, the frontman. Some last words were needed. Everyone gathered, the band-members were close to each other and the other people made a circle around them to hear it.

"Yes, all of us make Versailles what it is. All of us giving so much into the music, sharing this one dream together, walking hand in hand to reach it. And we will stay like this forever. I wish there were no goodbyes on our way, because…"
"… no matter what might come…"
"… no matter what we say or how we act…"
"… no matter the pain, grief and anger…"
"…the bond between us all is stronger than anything…"

"… because they are my close friends…"
"…because I love them all…"

"And I never want to part."
Jasmine You had the last word to say and everyone bowed and clapped their hands. It was all nicely said and people gathered wished that their dream will not only become real, but that it would truly last forever.


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