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26. srpna 2010 v 21:31 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  LES MISERABLES
For ages now angels of light and darkness fight in a never-ending battle over the souls of mortal men. Sometimes this battle is carried in a form of fierced and heated fight, others it puts on a more cunning disguise. It seems like not one side can get the upper hand. This time, prior to one of the greatest battles in angelic history, angels are sent down on earth one more time to win mortals' hearts... Will they succeed in their mission or will the short yet passionate life of humans win the hearts of angels?


"Falling deeply into an almost forgotten dream, I am now les miserables..."
-Gackt - Mizérable-

Somewhere over the rainbow, high above the earth, in the celestial kingdom of Eternal Light sun never cease to shine. Up there the highest idea of Goodness, Truth and Beauty lies above everything else.This idea is put into one single word: LOVE.
"You will go down on Earth. I want you to look closely upon mortal people. Live with them and find out what they're like, how they act, what they love. Adore their strengths, heal their pains, cleanse their weaknesses. Lead them on..."

"... so you can guide their souls into our realm. Win their hearts for us. Don't let them be taken by the other side," similar, yet darker voice was heard throughout the underground kingdom of Darkness. Red light from torches, fires, candles enlightened the weird structures of black stone, wire and metal grates.

Thus were by their superiors commanded two angels - one of pure light, the other one of darkness. And they have left their homes to obey the archangels. Both set up their mind on the task - so similar, yet completely contradictious.

Walking upon Earth, living with people, they soon realized that humans varry among themselves a lot. To win a mass of souls was a difficult task and to guide one after another would take too much time. Not that time had any matter to them - it was the shortness of mortals' lives that pressured them and made them choose their path of shining stars. Both angels came to the same idea: reach the aim through music. Was there a more influential way to win the hearts of young (but not only young) people?

So they stepped up on this path of creating music, developing their own style, rising up high. And above it all they've come to love this life, love their dream of music and love the people who loved them back...

Until one day their paths have crossed and after that nothing could have stayed the same...


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