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TTCHI 1: Portrait of the Lady

6. srpna 2010 v 20:31 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
The Palace of Roses is darkened by sadness over the loss of their dear princess.
How will those, who loved her so much, cope with the fact that she is gone?


Kamijo moved his hand across the painting, touching it softly with the tips of his fingers. A deep sigh escaped his lips and he closed his eyes, trying to stop the tears welling up in his eyes. There had to be some mistake. A beauty of this sort couldn't be gone just like that.

"Tell me it's not true," sadness echoed in his deep voice.
"I'm sorry, Kamijo-sama, I wish I could say that. It pains me greatly. I ... I only hope she'll be allright."
"Allright?" Kamijo turned in sudden anger and narrowed his grey eyes. His brown hair jumped above his shoulders in this quick movement and then settled again, framing his delicate oval face. "We need to get her out of there and we need to get her out now!"
"I understand how you feel," the messanger of the sad news nodded and frowned. He was shorter than Kamijo, with dark brown hair cut nicely just above his neck. His blue eyes flashed in hardly covered anger mixed with sadness over the loss. "But don't forget that she is my sister. I'm not putting her under any danger-,"
"Me neither. That's why I'm not going to just sit-,"
"Kamijo! Rushed actions will only worsen it all, don't you see? I will get her back, that I promise, with or without your help. Just don't do anything stupid and reckless."

Silence fell over them after his words. Kamijo had to admit that Yuki was right. He had to calm down now and think of how to rescue his beloved fiancee from her dark imprisonment in that black castle of a necromancer. He still couldn't believe it. How was it possible that an angel of sparkling beauty was kidnapped by the darkest of all mages? What does he want with her anyway?
"I will leave you now. We shall speak again later," Yuki bowed and left the room, knowing that Kamijo had to be left alone so he could give in to this sudden sadness freely. What he didn't know was that right after his departure, the side doors in his chambers opened and little slim figure came across and put his hand on Kamijo's shoulder.

"You've heard it all, haven't you?"
"Yes and I feel so sorry for you. But Yuki is right, you shouldn't rush it. A good planning cannot hurt," this other man was no one else but Teru, his best friend. A faithfull comrade that never once deceived him. Always standing beside him, in the happines and sadness equally, supporting him with his enthusiasm, eternal smile and goodwill.
"What can we plan against the necromancer?"
He shrugged his shoulders in silent answer and then a wide smile curled his lips. "You will think of something, of that I'm sure. And you'll be prepared for anything. Ay, well I know Kamijo, the prince of the Rosy Palace. Once he will set his mind, nothing can stop him."

Kamijo bowed his head. He didn't want to hear praises on his name right now. What he wanted the most was locked up in a black castle far away from him, lost in the darkness. He faced the portrait again. It displayed a beautiful young girl in pink, white and black brocate dress. Golden emroidery on the corset made her seem even more aristocratic than she already was. Black laces and needlework-gloves gave her a very sensual air. But the beauty of her clothing was nothing compared to her face. Fair delicate skin seemed almost white, only her cheeks were dyed a little pink. She always wore make-up and this portrait of her caught her finest taste of all things aesthetic. Perfectly shaped lips were highlighted with pink glitter and the beauty of her dark eyes underlined with black and pinkish dyes. Her long blond hair was curled on her head and her shoulders, only the front hair were left straight, framing her face. She wore a small, fine crown showing off her status in the society. Dark pink rose in her hands went well with her beauty.

The mere fact that she had been taken by the dark necromancer filled Kamijo's heart with rightful anger and remorse. He should have guarded her more. No, he should have already made up his mind and proposed her. Perhaps now she was lost to him forever. Were it true, he couldn't bear it. He couldn't live without her.

"Don't worry, Kamijo-san. We will get her back. Trust me."
He didn't pay heed to Teru's words. His eyes were set on the only thing he had to remind him of his beautiful princess - his beloved fiancee, Hizaki.


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