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TTCHI 2: Creatures of the Night

6. srpna 2010 v 22:18 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
Some preparation was needed... but the time was scarce...


So they did some investigation. Knowing it would be foolish just to come over to the black castle of a necromancer utterly unprepared and unfamiliar with the ways of sorcery and magic, they considered wise books, sages and even common people. Thus getting at least some little knowledge on the matter.

Necromancers were evil beings of dark magic. Years ago every necromancer used to be a strong sorcerer, but his hunger for magic and power, his dark ambitions drove him where no man should dare. Selling his own soul to the Deamon lords, necromancer was granted a huge power to establish his domain in the world and fed on innocent souls of mortal man. Necromancer wasn't really living nor dead, in fact, he was a bit of both and thus becoming none. His body and mind was the only thing that was his own belonging, everything else was either sold to or given by the Deamon lords. And to please his masters and keep his power, he had to offer them souls of mortals which they fed on.

Yet these men who traded their souls and blackened their hearts were granted to create their own slaves and servants. These were known under different names, depending on their power and state of free will, either vampires, shades or wraiths. Wraiths were sad creatures, turned to this state against their will and thus becoming a bin for fear, anger and despair. They wandered through the world with only one purpose, to fill the people around with same hatred and fear they themselves bore and then they fed on these people's fears. They were the least powerful of them all and never could shapeshift to their mortal form again. Of equal power stood vampires and shades, but there was a great difference in them. For becoming a shade the man had to agree with this change. From this free will their cunning and power rised. They fed on people's dreams, which they were able to twist into darker ones or nightmares. They were evil beings, who during the day were able to shift into their former mortal form, which made them them twice as wicked, cause they were able to fool other people and hurt them with their silver-tongued words. The last of these beings were vampires, which fed on people's blood and thus were the true enemies of mortal men. They were hungry, blood-thirsty creatures. If man was turned into a vampire against his own will, his power was lesser and he was only a hungry, angry, blood-thirsty creature of the night. His mortal form was locked away from him and he was in total possession of his curse. Were the man give his approval and thus becoming a vampire, he could become the most powerful of all the creatures. His ambitions, dreams or wishes protected or cursed him on his way, he was able to either fight back his thirst or give into it, thus making his abilities grow or lessen. During the new moon he could change back into his mortal form again, though the most powerful of the vampires were able to suck the power of the shades and then becoming even stronger and able to hide their vampire characteristics from the mortals. All these creatures took some damage from the direct sunlight, most weak were the vampires, who took physical damage, then shades, who took psychichal damage and their abilities weakened and last of them were wraiths, who vanished into the shadows. The saddest thing of it all was that every creature of the night was fully lost and there was no redemption nor salvation for them. They were cursed beyong death.

These creatures, more or less commanded by the necromancer, roamed the world and fed on the mortal men. Shades and vampires were able to mingle with the population for a while, until their real form was found out. Now only one question needed to be answered. How to destroy these creatures of the night and their foul master?

It was a common knowledge that vampires, shades and wraiths could be banished by sacred items, such as crosses, prayer-beads or holy water, they feared the fire and silver objects could lessen their abilities and strength. Usage of garlic was merely a superstition of simple people and it never worked on these creatures, as the wise books said and the wooden sticks were just another fable. To forever destroy these dark beings, one needed to stab their black heart with a silver sword.

But the necromancer was a different matter. His mind and body was all that was left to him and the magic he used protected him well. Normal weapons couldn't penetrate the invisible aura all over him. Depending on skills of the various necromancers, different materials could hurt them, being it the darksteel, ebony or, the most rare, obsidian. All the sages claimed that this particular necromancer was one of the strongest and only obsidian would work on him. It was said as well, that an obsidian blade could be found in the black castle. Why the necromancers always had this issue of keeping items that could destroy them in their own settlements was an unanswered peculiarity. Perhaps deep in their heart they craved for death? Or they feared it so much that they would gather everything that might hurt them?

After gaining all the knowledge in short time, the rescue party set on their quest. Leaving the Palace of Roses behind, they carried silver, steel and darksteel blades and arrows with them and silver crosses were hanging on chainlets around their necks. The three of them, Kamijo, Teru and Yuki, were determined to destroy the necromancer and his servants and free beautiful Hizaki from his grasps. Deep in their hearts they were afraid what he might do to her and this fear gave speed to their feet and courage to their hearts. Loudly did the hope sang to them, that the princess won't be turned into a creature of the night.


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