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TTCHI 4: A Promise Beyond Life

7. srpna 2010 v 13:51 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
And so the battle begins...


They were teleported back into the main hall, but now it looked differently. All the former bliss copied from Palace of Roses was gone. Huge room was lit merely by torches and black candles in chandeliers or candlesticks. Corners were filled with shadows - and to their horror those shadows started to move and burning red eyes flickered in the darkness. Hunger clearly seen in those unnatural eyes of night-creatures and hissing echoed throughout the hall.
"Draw your swords!" Kamijo's voice pierced through the horror and Yuki with Teru have immediately done as bid. There was no other way around. Now they had to fight to get back to the necromancer and to sweet Hizaki.

The fight was far from equal. Wraiths, shades and vampires, all those forsaken beings attacked almost at once and kept on swarming. Three comrades stood in the center of the hall, backs turned to each other and thus protecting one another. A tough battle was nothing new to them and they parried every single attack. Giving strong blows, they cut and stabbed their enemies with silver blades, sending them right to Hell where they belonged. But even those valiant warriors, no matter how well skilled they were, started to feel tired and fatigued. They were fighting for their lives and for their love, but they couldn't withstand much longer.

"More are comming," Yuki's voice was harsh, as he tried to keep his breath.
"We must run! Kamijo, we need to get away from here," Teru's shriek was only hardly heard in all that crying, howling and hissing of the foul creatures. He took a vial from his belt and threw it to the mass of shades. The glass cracked and holy water splashed around. Hurt groaning made the other foes pause for a second, giving them a moment to decide.
"Run? Where to?"
"Teru is right. We must move!" Kamijo agreed and quickly looked around. There was an entrance to a narrow corridor hidden in the darkness. Somehow, he knew that was the right direction. Besides it was the only entrance which wasn't occupied by the living shadows. "After me, now!"

Kamijo was a born leader. He turned on his heels and sprinted, his friends right behind him. He sent them inside the corridor, took two torches from the wall and shouted on Teru to splash the burning oil. His best friend without any hesitation and questions followed Kamijo's lead. The oil hit the floor and some of the shadows, which inflamed quickly. Wailing of the shadows, unable to hunt their pray was satisfying to the three warrior running down the corridor.

They came to a stairway leading up and as there was no other passing, they had to go there. On the second floor was only a short corridor leading to closed doors on both ends. The three looked at each other in question. "Left?" "Left." Left was closer to their hearts. And though their hearts were now filled with fear, horror and death, there were also seeds of courage, hope and love. Therefore left corridor was their option.

Behind the doors was another room. It seemed to be empty at first and they stepped in, closing the doors behind them. It was clear now that both doors lead to the same room, so the matter of choice was only a fake one. They would end up here anyway. Perhaps this is where the necromancer wanted them? Where the evil creatures drove them?
The room wasn't neither too big nor high. It was a ribbed vault, ceiling without any decorations, pillars and archway ornamented only a little. Torches in iron holders were situated on every second pillar and with them the passage was lit. They stopped running for a while. Yuki went on to check the passage ahead, while Kamijo leaned against the cold wall, gripping his left arm.

"Hey, what happened?" Teru asked with consideration and lightly touched Kamijo's hand. The prince tried to send him away, but Teru was too determined and Kamijo suddenly felt too weak. "Good gods, Kamijo! This is bad."

As Yuki heard Teru's worried voice he ran back to them. With a suspition in his eyes he stopped in the middle of the room and gazed at the two of them. "What happened?"
"Kamijo got bitten. We must get out of here and treat his wound."
"Not until... we... save... Hizaki," Kamijo's voice started to fade off, his eyes closing. Such a sudden weakness overtook him and pain, burning pain in his arm that started to flow throughout his body - first his hand and shoulder, than his chest. He had difficulty to breathe.
"Bitten? If he turns into one of the shadows-,"
"Don't be silly, Yuki! Such a thing won't happen," Teru frowned in anger, then turned back to his best friend. "Come, we will take you out."
"I won't go back without my sister!"
"Yuki, we can't do anything for her right now. Let's return back later."
"No! We are already here. There will never be a chance like this. Besides, it's Kamijo Masashi really wants. Why don't you show a little courage and give yourself as an exchange for Hizaki?"
"That's ridiculous, Yuki. Do you even consider your words?" Teru was horrified. Kamijo's eyebrows crinkled in pain as he tried to move away from the wall towards Yuki. "Kamijo, don't take him seriously. We will defeat the necromancer together, but first-,"
"No, Teru. Yuki is right, as always. This is all my fault and I shall face Masashi. We will not back away now, we have gone too far already. Yuki, I promise, I will do everything to save Hizaki. Even if it will cost my life, I will forever protect her."

Yuki was startled. Kamijo had been always able to say high sounding words and phrazes. A noble he was, a prince, he knew how to say things to make them caress one's soul and make people believe him. But there had always been that slight touch of arrogance in his voice. Now he sounded absolutely sincere and Yuki knew he truly meant it. Maybe for the first time in his life, Kamijo was honestly declaring and promising something.
"Kamijo, I'm sorry," he bowed his head and nodded. "I hear your words, thank you. I will stand by you."

Suddenly a seering light flashed across the room and in the middle, right beside Yuki, a mysterious shape of swirling shadows appeared. Red burning eyes narrowed in something as an evil wicked smile and laughter echoed in their minds. "Nicely said, Yuki, indeed nicely. Now, come with me."
With those words the shadows enveloped Yuki's body and he shriek in horror. His friends ran to him, Kamijo stumbling, but proceding nevertheless. Alas it was too late. "Yuki!"


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