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TTCHI 5: Face Your Fears

7. srpna 2010 v 14:02 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
Yuki was taken by some kind of shadow. Where was he taken and what will happen to him there? Was it even real?


Darkness was pierced by a single ray of red light coming from above. He lifted up his head, but had to turn away, for that light was too strong and blinded him. He stood up and looked around, as the ray of light got broader and broader and soon the whole room was poured in this reddish gleam.
It was still the same square ribbed vault he was before, but now he was all alone. Kamijo and Teru were nowhere to be seen, neither was the black shadow that jumped at him just a moment ago. Something in the back of his head alarmed him, something was totally wrong here. Then he realized that absolute silence. He couldn't hear anything, neither his own breathing. He opened his mouth, but no voice left him. Or at least no voice was cought by his ears. He tried to step towards the passage, but his legs wouldn't move. Damn, what was going on?!

"You wonder? Let me tell you, Yuki, that this is your world. You have brought us here, deep into this darkness of your mind. Here is where your true battle will start."
That voice was deep and echoed in the hall; long it last till the last words faded off. Though something finally broke the silence and he now knew that he wasn't deaf, it wasn't a voice he wished to hear. Neither the words were encouraging.

Suddenly a black shape brushed at his coat as the shadow passed by him. Long wavy brownish hair wavered, cought in an eternal breeze, just as the deep black robe, torn to pieces, that enveloped his slim body. He turned his face towards him, ardent red eyes burned in an oval face of pale grey colour as an old ash. Dark circles under his eyes and high cheekbones made the shadows on his face even more pronounced and he looked as a mirrage of a faded beauty. He must have looked very pretty before. Who knew how long he was cought in a state like this - nor living, nor dead. A Wraith with no other purpose than to bring fear to people's lives?

"Look! Look what he's done to your dear little sister," with those words he slightly moved his hand and they appeared in the old chapel, where Hizaki laid on the red covered altar. Her face was as fair and beautiful as always, trapped in unending sleep. "He took her away from her home, from peace of family and friends. He put her to this dormant state - for what? Because of Kamijo, yes, he is the one to blame, isn't he? Kamijo is the one who always tried to steal Hizaki from you. Claiming he loved her, naming her as his fiancee. And all that time she has been slowly taken away from you, until you would loose her completely. Your sweet little sister that will never come back to you again. Why should she? Her heart belongs to Kamijo, she doesn't need you anymore. Does it matter that Kamijo doesn't deserve her? That he doesn't truly love her? Masashi was right, you know that. Kamijo pursues only his own lust and pride. He never cared for others and never will."

* * *

"Hizaki, where are you going?" Yuki asked his little princess. She was dressed in white and silver brocate long dress, her hair nicely combed high and fixed in place by several silver pins with red roses. Hizaki smiled with her beautiful lips and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.
"To Kamijo's place. I must be with him, no, I want to be with him. Never shall I leave his side, because I love him so much. Thank you, my dear brother, for everything you've done for me, but it's been enough. From now on Kamijo will protect me. I don't need anyone else."
She turned her back on him and stepped out to the doors. Soon, red light took her in and she disappeared from his sight.

* * *

Yuki found himself crying at the altar where Hizaki was laying peacefully. Her breast was moving up and down in her calm breathing. "Hizaki, why? Why have you left me? Because of Kamijo who couldn't even protect you? Who never truly cared for you? Why have you forgotten me and cut me out from your life? I am your brother and I cared for you for so long. I still do, even now. I... I just don't want to loose you."

* * *

A flickering red light brough him back to the ribbed vault. The Wraith greeted him with a wicked smirk and stroke his cheek with his cold hand. The freeze cut into Yuki's face and made his muscles go numb. His whole body was suddenly freezed to that one place, entrapped by the fervent red eyes staring deep into his own.
"You don't have to loose her. Why should you give her up? Being it Masashi or Kamijo who are trying to take her away - both need to be destroyed. Best would be if they would kill each other in a fight. Don't take part in this battle, Yuki. Stay back, so you could take Hizaki back home. Who would take care of that precious sister of yours if you would die? Let Masashi and Kamijo fight and if one of them prevails, kill him then. Thus Hizaki will stay with you forever, she won't leave. She won't forget you again."

* * *

"Yuki! Yuki, damn it, open your eyes! Hey!"
"What happened anyway? What was that?"
Yuki woke up to those loud voices beside him. When he opened his eyes, he found himself sitting on the ground, leaned against one of the pillars in the vault lit by torches. No Wraith was present, no red light burned near. Kamijo held his shoulders, shaking him.
"I'm fine, let me go," Yuki frowned at Kamijo and flicked off his hands. Dark thoughts rised up in his mind as he saw Kamijo's face in front of him. He shook his head and stood up. "I'm fine."
"Are you sure? Damn you, Yuki. You scared the hell out of us."
"Yea, you fell down so suddenly with a shriek. What have you seen?" Teru asked, trying his best to sound less concerned.
"Nothing. I just... perhaps I just fainted or something?"
Kamijo scowled. "As if you would. What really happened? And don't pretend it was nothing."
"I am fine now, so just let it be. If your wound is treated, then we should continue on our way. We are here to save Hizaki, not to brood over my blacking out."

Yuki jerked away from Kamijo's firm grasp, set his coat and belt right and then stepped to the archway. Both need to be destroyed. Was that some sort of dream or something? Damn, I don't want to loose Hizaki. I can't leave her to neither of the two. If that wraith was right, then... He slightly turned back to his comrades and said over his shoulder: "So, what are you waiting for? Let's go."


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