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TTCHI 6: Face Your Dreams

7. srpna 2010 v 23:32 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
They are moving on... into the uknown... Yuki faced his fears and it planted some doubts into his mind... what will happen to Kamijo and Teru in this black castle?


They went along the corridor which once again merged into a greater hall. It was long and high room, with strong five pillars on each side. There were statuetes in the niches and ribbed vault was covered with frescos depicting some dark versions of apocalypse. Dragons and deamons were fighting with angels, humans fought on both sides and flames were pouring down from heavens. It would be a fine piece of art in a temple, but here, giving whom the seat belonged to, it was creepy and fearsome. And on the other side of the hall, under a finely craft portal was set an altar. On it layed a dark gleaming sword that dimly flashed in violet. Their hearts were filled with hope, that everything is not lost yet and that they have a chance to stand against the necromancer and save their dear princess. Alas this obsidian sword was protected by a darkstell cage that too beamed with a magic aura, a darker one.

They all stepped forward, but were suddenly stopped by a strong wind that blew from the altar. This wind was filled with howling and high cries as if someone's been tortured. Shadows in corners moved once again and ran towards them. Sooner than they would anticipate, the shadows bound them to the pillars and they were unable to move.
"So you've come far. Alas for you, lord Masashi doesn't want you to claim his sword," a deep dark voice came from behind one of the opposite pillars and then a dark clad Shade appeared. His black robe with silver lining and embroidery covered him from neck to toes. His pale, almost white face, was round and under his black eyes he had fixed glittering decorations. His long hair was dyed crimson red, front shorter hair was hiding his eyes slightly and the rest of it was tied up high in a pony-tail. He wore several silver rings on his fingers.
"You've played well, but you should know that you are destined to loose this game," he shoved some playing-cards into Kamijo's face.
"Curse you. We shall never give up!" Kamijo's anger was clearly visible on his face. He was desperate now, that he was cought so easily. Now, when they were so close. If they could just reach that blade and than find Masashi, then Hizaki could be saved. And with her them all. Because without her, he wouldn't leave this place. And if he would die, who would save his beloved? No, there was no other option left, he had to move somehow and get to the sword.
"Alas, I am already cursed," an evil smirk flashed across his face. "And now it's your turn to feel this damnation." The Shade reached under his robe and drew out a long thin blade covered with shimmering marks. "Run or die!"
His first blow was almost harmless. He didn't hit anyone of them, but the strong wind made them shiver. Then he took some steps forward to them and prepared for the second blow. This one was led precisely on Kamijo's chest. The thin rapier hit its aim and drops of blood flew through the air.
"Teru!" Kamijo shriek in horror, unable to believe his own eyes. Weren't they all bound to the pillars? But somehow Teru managed to jump in front of him.
"Amazing, deed young one. Don't worry, the blow isn't fatal. Not yet," he laughed terribly and carresed Teru's face. "Perfect. Your heart is so beautiful, my dear." And with that he leaned to him and trapped his lips with his own.

* * *

Teru watched the dead body on the ground. It was him for sure, that was easily said. He laid in front of Kamijo, his chest cut through by the shimmering rapier of the Shade. His white and blue short jacket was covered with blood, his black and silver hair ruffled and out of place. Now, it was done. He never wanted to die, but this was one of the better ways of how to leave this world. He gave up his life to save his best friend. So he would be given the chance to fight his destiny, fight for his love. His... love...
"You always cared for him, didn't you? As a best friend should," the Shade stood right behind him and then moved towards startled Kamijo. He wasn't moving and neither was Yuki, tied to the other pillar. They seemed to be frozen in time.
Teru only nodded. His eyes were filling with tears and he didn't even try to fight them back. Why was he crying? Oh, gods, why did it hurt so much?
"And he never noticed you around. You would do anything for him, you even sacrificed your own life and he never gave you anything. You were the giver and he took it all. Without gratitude, without love. No, he never really cared. And he never really noticed... how much he meant to you."
"He was a good friend. The best friend I've ever had."
"But you wanted so much more and he just played with you. You were merely his toy, his dog he could command around. And you would gladly fulfill his every desire. Is that a valued friendship? I don't think so."
"You are wrong. Kamijo and I, we knew each other for so long. Words weren't needed, we always knew how the other felt and what had to be done. We shared good and bad times together."
"You tried to make his dreams come true, supported him all the time. What had he done for you?"
"The mere fact that he is happy was enough for me," damn, why was he speaking in the past tense anyway? Was he really dead then?
"So you truly deeply loved him."
"Ay, as a friend. There was nothing else between us. We supported each other, he made me who I am - or who I used to be? Am I dead?"

The Shade smiled and put Teru's loose strands behind his ear. "No, not yet. But I might kill you or let you go. Depends on you, my dear," he pulled him closer and locked them in a deep kiss. He touched him in his crotch, which made Teru jerk a little and arch his back.
"Come now, sigh for me. Call my name..." he played him with his hands, dropping kisses on his face, then licking and sucking under his ear. "I want you to call my name."
"Kamijo," Teru sighed as he gave into Shades ministrations and touches. He embraced the dark figure and deepened their kiss with his tongue. As they broke again, he whispered Kamijo's name again. "I love you, I always loved you so much."

* * *

"Hey, Teru, what's wrong with you? You've been acting weird for some time now," Kamijo and Teru were on a ride throughout the country. Now they were returning back to Palace of Roses, Kamijo's seat and Teru's place of staying for months. Or even years? He couldn't really remember how long he had been with Kamijo already. It felt like eternity.
"I am fine, really. Nothing to worry about. Perhaps a little tired, but that will pass once I'll get a proper rest."
"You're not sleeping well lately? Why? Is it somehow connected with my engagement to Hizaki?"
Teru turned away, his wide smile leaving his face. This wasn't good. If Kamijo would find out, it would destroy everything. He would send him away, because it was a shameful thought. He always cared for Kamijo so much and somehow, suddenly, it passed into a great affection he felt for him. How could he let that happen? He tried so hard to remain his best friend, but the fight was tougher and tougher every day.
"Come on, Teru. Nothing will change. It's just an engagement, then in time a marriage. But you are my best friend. Nothing can come between us."
Teru gave a sigh. Not even my dark desire? I love you, Kamijo, I wish I could tell you. But I can't. This dream of mine has become my most dreaded nightmare.
"I know, Kamijo. It's allright, really. I'll always stay beside you and support you."
"Just as I will do for you. That's what best friends are for, isn't it?"

* * *

"Teru, are you allright? Damn, speak, Teru, speak!" it was Yuki who was holding him, speaking to him. Kamijo stood there, leaning against the pillar, eyes wide opened in surprise. Teru touched his chest. There was no wound, no blood, no cut through his jacket. He flicked around and looked at Kamijo. His eyes immediately filled with tears. It's Yuki who is close to you. Kamijo doesn't care for you anymore. No, Kamijo's heart is completely taken by Hizaki and there is no place for you.
"Tell me, Teru, what happened?"
"I... I don't know, really. I must have blackened out," Teru shook his head and tried to look at Kamijo again. He was surprised by that sudden angered look on his best friend's face.
"You two are acting strange ever since we stepped into this hall. If you could just tell me, what happened. I don't believe a word of your blacking out. Both of you so suddenly cracking down. What is this place doing to you?"
"Calm down, Kamijo," Yuki scowled and helped Teru on his feet. "It's nothing to be worried about-,"
"Well I am worried. I don't want to loose any of you and I hate that you are lying to me. But I swear, if with these blackings out Masashi has hurt you somehow, he will pay dearly. Now, Teru, if you are able to go, we should take a closer look on that sword."
Teru nodded and said he's fine again. Then he looked quizically at Yuki. If he had such an experience, what happened to Yuki a while ago? Did he have a similar conversation and flashbacks just as he? Help him kill the necromancer. Stay beside him as his best friend. If Masashi was right, Hizaki will die as well. Then you can show your consolation to Kamijo and win his heart for yourself. Make him happy... together with you.

"I am fine, really, don't worry, Kamijo," Teru tried to smile and then he put his hand on Kamijo's shoulder. "Let's go. We need to destroy that foul mage and save your sweet princess, right?"
Kamijo took Teru's hand and gave it a light kiss. Teru flinched back, as if it hurt him and looked away. "No time to stand here just like that. Come."


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