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TTCHI 7: Gift From a Sorceress

8. srpna 2010 v 10:52 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
They are nearing the end. Obsidian blade with which they can defeat the necromancer and save beloved Hizaki lies within they reach. But how can they open the dark cage protecting the sword?


They moved across the room towards the altar with the obsidian sword. At first they watched the darksteel cage, gleaming with dark aura that seemed to eat away all the light. The sword protected by this cage layed still in its place and peacefully waited to be one day lifted by someone. But could that day ever come? Was there someone who could get through the cage?
Kamijo raised his hand and was bitten by the aura. It had freezed his hand and sent a shiver through his whole body. The wound in his arm ached once again, reminding him off the first attack of the shadows. He felt weak once again. No, the sword couldn't be taken just yet. But there had to be some way to get past these defences and claim the sword as their own.

As they were closely examinating the cage, a dark clad woman stepped out from behind one of the pillars. "I thought you wouldn't come, Kamijo," She lifted her pale hands and put down the cape, finally showing her face. Oval shaped face of fair skin was paled by make-up. Her dark eyes were decorated by long lashes and heavy violet and black dyes were enhancing the beautiful effect of this young sorceress. Her dark hair was combed up high, fixed with a brooch of peacocks' feathers and laces and then went falling down in curles upon her shoulders. She was of a different beauty than Hizaki, absolute counterpart of her. If Hizaki was a sparkling angel, then this young woman would be a deamon, or rather a fallen angel, as Kamijo knew she always was kind, caring and loving person. He wondered if she had changed similarly as her brother, who's become the necromancer.

"I never thought it could be you, Jasmine. Why are you doing this?"
She just flashed a mysterious smile on him. "I have no interest in this. It's all Masashi's doing and I don't really care what happens to Hizaki. But what I care for, Kamijo, is you. I don't want you to fall a pray to Masashi's dark plans. You should escape quickly, while you can. Save yourself and your friends, forget Hizaki and leave."
"Never!" Kamijo and Yuki answered both at the same time. Yuki paused and looked at Kamijo, but he didn't pay heed to him. "I cannot abandon her. I cannot leave her with Masashi. Jasmine, tell me, you above all people must know how dark are the ways of a necromancer. You were always so goodhearted, then why are you helping him?"
Jasmine You, Kamijo's cousin, moved towards the trio. Her steps were small and elegant, it almost seemed as if she wasn't even touching the ground, but was levitating instead. She touched Kamijo's face and gently stroke him.
"My dear Kamijo. I am not helping him, but I won't stop him either. Therefor I'm asking you to leave while you can."
"As I said, Jasmine You, I cannot leave. Not without Hizaki."

She sighed heavily and looked at the obsidian blade behind the darksteel bars. "You know you will need this blade if you want to face Masashi as an equal. Alas, if you want to get it, you have to overcome this one simple obstacle. A cage without a lock, or so it seems. But that's just an illusion and illusions can be broken. If you have the proper means..."
"Help us, Jasmine. Please, if you can help us defeat Masashi and save Hizaki, I will do my best to restore your position in our kingdom," Kamijo held her hand and looked so pleadingly at his cousin.
"Are you willing to do anything in order to save your beloved? Even if it would cost you your life or your soul?"
Kamijo nodded. "I would do anything for her."

Yuki and Teru froze in their places. Yuki wondered if Kamijo was speaking the truth. Damn him, he always gave his word so easily, but to keep it was a different story. But still, his promise from just a while ago - it seemed so sincere. Just as know. So determined. Was it even possible that he would sacrifice himself to save Hizaki?
And Teru? How could he bear that Kamijo was willing to put his own life at risk to save that angelic girl he loved? He would do the same for his best friend, but that would go unnoticed. He frowned a little and tried to bury those thoughts deep inside his heart. He once promised himself he would never think of Kamijo this way. He was his best friend, nothing else.

"As you wish, Kamijo. If you truly are determined... I can see you are wounded already, so it will be easier for you. Let me see," she touched his wound on his left arm. He almost didn't notice when she touched him. His wound was burning with pain but all this time, he didn't realized it. Somehow, he got used to it. And Jasmine's touch would went unnoticed if he hadn't been looking at her. It startled him. Was he starting to loose his feeling in this arm? He tried to move the arm and make a fist - easily done. So everything was fine. Could be that just Jasmine was untraceble?
"My dear, this is either very bad or very good, depends on how you look at it. You were bitten by a vampire and in time, you will change. Now you have the time of decision. You can either fight it or accept it. Or, if you wish, I can treat your wound and heal you, saving you from this curse. What would you choose?"

Before Kamijo could answer, Yuki stepped in and said: "Heal him, woman! Don't ask such pointless questions."
"I am talking to Kamijo, not you two," she answered sharply and pouted a little. Just as she used to when she was a little girl, Kamijo thought and smiled at her. But his smile was all lost as she turned back to him and continued her speech. "This blade can be wielded by anyone who can claim it. But this cage, this illusion as I said, can be passed only by a shadow. No mortal man can get through. What would you choose now, Kamijo, when you know, that only in a shady form you can save your love?"

Kamijo's eyes widened in surprise. Never he would
thought of such a turn of events. This was far more horrible than anyone of them ever expected. Yuki looked away, understanding well what the sorceress' words meant. Teru shook his head and cried out loudly: "Kamijo, don't let her fool you. Such a thing can't be true. There must be some other way!"
"There is no other way. Let Kamijo make his decision."
"Kamijo," Yuki finally turned to him. "I want to save Hizaki. As her brother and only family that remained, I care for her deeply. But I won't let you go through this. Let's find some other way."
"I promised-," Kamijo smiled faintly, but Yuki didn't let him finish.
"I won't keep your up to your promise, Kamijo. Risk one's life is one thing. But to be changed into a shadow is something totally different. I can't let you do this, no matter the cost." It pained him deeply to say these words. His love for Hizaki was forcing him into a battle. He wanted to save her, protect her, keep her for himself. But how could he then face her and tell her that he let Kamijo become a vile creature of the night? Would she ever forgive him?
"Yuki, I will do anything to save her. If it must be like this, than be it. And if I can't, you will protect Hizaki, just as you did untill now."
Yuki's eyes welled up with tears. Could it be that he was wrong all this time? That Kamijo wasn't such a selfish bastard and that he just pretened to be arrogant and uncaring?

"Kamijo, don't say such a thing," Teru was on a brink of tears. "I too have something to say in this matter, as your best friend. I am supposed to stand by you and I will. If someone needs to become a shadow in order to save your love then it must be me. So you both can remain with Hizaki. I am the only one who wouldn't be missed by her." And by you, he thought, but he hadn't said that loudly.
"Don't you even dare to say such a thing!" Kamijo shook his head and put his hand on Teru's shoulder. He looked deep into his eyes. "Teru, I could never bear the thought of you putting yourself into such a curse because of me and my dream, my love. Besides, I am already changing, am I not? It makes this decision easier. Thank you, my dear friends, for staying always close to me and helping me. I will hold our friendship dear and who knows, perhaps thanks to these memories, I can show the world that becoming a shadow doesn't mean to become a monster. I will count on you. Once I will brake through the cage, if I am not able to continue on our quest, you must take the blade and save Hizaki. Save her, for me. Tell her that I love her and that I will meet with her again."

With that he turned back to his cousin and nodded. "I am ready, Jasmine. Thank you for your help and advice. Now, make me a shadow that can face Masashi and save my dearest fiancee."
Jasmine You smiled and took out a magical wand from the belt on her waist. "A wise choice, Kamijo. Becoming a vampire of your own free will and blessed by a sorceress, there is no more powerful shadow than what you might become. Now, accept my gift of eternal life."


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