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TTCHI 8: Twists and Turns

12. srpna 2010 v 23:14 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
And so has Kamijo become one of the most fearsome creatures of the night to save his beloved fiancee, to face the evil necromancer. But what he must face as well is himself and his friends...


Teru kept on crying. He just couldn't help it. Sitting on the cold ground, being held so firmly by Yuki, he could only watch how Kamijo was changing into a beast of night. Salty tears were flowing down his cheeks. As he could feel that Yuki is shaking and crying as well, he knew it must be really bad - Yuki never cried just like that.
Kamijo let the sorceress come closer to him and cast a spell upon his wound. After that, the wound started to fade off, which seemed to be a good sign, but what came after was too horrible to watch. Alas, Teru and Yuki weren't able to look away. Kamijo screamed in sudden pain, as blood in him began to boil. His eyes gleamed in red light and blood tears left trails upon his face that started to loose all colour. His hair and nails were prolonged, but as the nails turned black, his hair were left almost completely white with golden shine. The sorceress drew in a breath and then gave Kamijo a deep kiss on his mouth.
"Come now, give in to your thirst. Become the most powerful of them all," she whispered and Kamijo then embraced her frail body and bit her neck. Warm blood started to flow inside his mouth and what escaped trickled down upon her shoulder where it got hidden by her violet and black corset. She merely smiled at Teru and Yuki, when Kamijo broke her skin and sucked on her. And what a triumphal smile that was! Teru was sure that there was another way to save Hizaki. Sure that Kamijo didn't have to do this, didn't need to change like this. But now it was too late - too late for them all.
Jasmine You lifted her wand again and covered them all with a rain of small shimmering lights. Then she pulled away from Kamijo and looked at him. "I merely hastened the process for you. It was inevitable and by drinking my blood you stand high above the others. Now, do what you will. I won't stand in your way," with that she turned away and soon disappeared from their sight.

Teru crawled up on his feet and ran to Kamijo, but was stopped in half-way. The prince from Palace of Roses turned to him and Teru was frozen in place just by looking at him. That beaing wasn't Kamijo anymore. His skin was as pale as snow, golden-white hair partially covered his face. Colour from his eyes was gone. Black pupils heavily contrasted with those greyish irises encircled by black line. And all the blood that covered him before was gone as well, together with the blood which once flew inside his veins. No longer he belonged into their world. He smiled a little, but it came as a wicked twisting of his deep red lips.
"Don't curse me, Teru, I had to do this. Now we can take the blade and save Hizaki," Kamijo's voice was deep and fine as before, but Teru felt a distant coldness in it. Perhaps Kamijo was able to retain his sanity - but for how long? Will he be able to fight back the monster he had become in the name of love? Could it be that the reason why he had chosen this way could redeem him at least a little?
Yuki stood up as well and walked to the both friends. His eyes were still widened in disbelief. He shook his head. "Kamijo, you shouldn't have done this. Damn you, why in all Hells had you do this stupidity?" finally his anger broke and he now was yelling at Kamijo. "What am I gonna tell Hizaki? 'Dear sister, we managed to save you but Kamijo was lost in the process. No, he didn't sacrifice his life. He sold out his own soul!' How could you get fooled by that sorceress? She wasn't your cousin anymore. This was all Masashi's doing, I'm sure of that!"

"What is done is done and Hizaki isn't saved yet. No time to stand here and discuss what doesn't need any words," as if Yuki's words just passed by Kamijo, he stepped to the altar and reached for the obsidian blade. Jasmine You was right. The cage was but an illusion, nothing more. Now, with his new eyes he could perceive the spell and easily passed through what wasn't even there. A victorious smile flashed through his face and for a second dark ambitions sparkled in his eyes as well. There were no limits for him, no bounderies.
His white fingers swirled around the slim handle, beautifully inlaid by little deep red and violet stones. As he lifted the sword to his face, the blade flashed back its glimmering light. "Now,we can proceed. Yes, now we have a chance," Kamijo whispered and turned to his friends. "Come. Together we shall end what Masashi had started."

With that he started on his way back to the chapel, where the necromancer and his beautiful victim were waiting. His friends followed him closely, trying to keep a certain distance from him, yet still remaining close to him. As they were passing through the dark halls and corridors of the castle, all the shadows just kept wailing and howling at them, but none dared to attack them. Teru and Yuki watched them carefully, in case they would change their mind. But somehow they knew that hardly could that happen. Kamijo was now one of them and yet even the shadows were afraid of him and crowled back into the darkness as he passed. What then had he truly become? A shadow? A vampire? Or something even worse?

Just as Kamijo thought, Masashi was still in the black chapel. When he and his comrades entered, he lifted up his head and gave them a twisted smile. He stood up from the altar where Hizaki was sleeping peacefully and moved in front of her.
"So you have fought your way back here, I'm impressed. But you must know that it's all in vain. You cannot defeat me as you are-,"
"No, Masashi, we certainly *can* defeat you," Kamijo smiled in answer.

"I see you have the blade," Masashi shook his head, still that evil smile wasn't leaving his lips. Yuki frowned and Teru moved closer to him. Both realised it immediately. As if this is what he wanted. And his further words only deepened their worse fears. "So you have passed my little test and have become one of us, one of my minions to be more precise. Tell me how could you attack when you are bound to my will? But this is exactly what I wanted, my dear Kamijo. You will obey my commands and your suffering and pain will grow. Unable to resist you thirst, unable to disobey me, you will bring blood and death to your family and friends with your very own hands. But don't worry, your pain will fade in time. Soon you will forget them. No matter how much you cared for them, their memory will disappear. Because you are nothing, just a shadow of what you used to be. My vengeance will be done and then I shall come back to the Palace of Roses, become a king and rule your precious country. And you will assist me. Indeed a fitting position for someone like you."

Kamijo never once blinked during Masashi's speach and just stared at him with uncovered curiosity. Amusement was clearly felt in him. As if the words didn't reach him, as if their meaning was all lost to him. Yet Teru and Yuki understood pretty well and were drawn even more close to each other, justly scared. If their friend was about to bow to necromancer's will, then they were already cursed. Better would be to die, but who were to tell if they wouldn't be turned to shadows as well?

"Indeed? Then give your orders, *master*," Kamijo said darkly and moved closer to Masashi, leaving his comrades near the chapel entrance. Shadows crept from the darkness of the corners and from behind the pillars, mist swirling suddenly around their legs, hovering about everything. Cold air bit right into their lungs, but Teru and Yuki were the only ones left to feel it. Their breath was suddenly heavy, as they watched Kamijo's back and white hair. Will he turn around and renounce them? The shadows weren't yet attacking, but for sure it wouldn't take too long. End was drawing near.

* * *

"Why have you let him do this? Now he will turn against you, destroy you all. He never cared and he never ever will. You are doomed and so is your precious sister," that echoing voice from before returned back to Yuki's head. He closed his eyes and shook his head.
"He sacrificed himself for our sake. Who could have known it would turn out like this?"
"Was that a sacrifice? He gained a great power, power he always craved for. Being in service of the necromancer is a small prize to be paid in return. No, that was not a sacrifice. He welcomed the gift. He loves what he has become, because it suits his black heart."

* * *

"Why have you let him do this? You call yourself his best friend? Yet you just watched him to change like this, to become a monster," Teru fell down on the ground in unstoppable tears and sobs. "A pitiful creature you are, my sweet. Now your true feelings will never reach him."
"Leave me. I never thought of Kamijo that way. I love him a lot, he is my dearest friend, but there is nothing else between us, from neither side. Alas, it's true that it pains greatly to see him in this state."
"Because you know it should have been you in his place. You had the perfect chance to show him how much you cared, but he deprived you of it. Now he is even more distant to you," Shade with hand full of cards stroke his hair gently.
"He refused my offer, that's true. Out of similar love I suppose. Who would want to watch his friend change like this?"
"Out of similar love? Forget that, my young naîve friend. He never loved you. In fact he refused you because he couldn't stand you would be higher than him. Now he has all the power and you shall fall, by his own hands. You will be his first prey. A pathetic ending to your pathetic friendship."

* * *

"NO!" Teru and Yuki broke down in cries and Kamijo turned over to them.
"Don't look away, dear Kamijo, don't pay any attention to them," Masashi laughed out loud. "They are just falling apart in their own minds. My shadows are sucking on their twisted fears and dreams. You should understand by now what it means. And soon, you shall feed on their blood."
"I promised," Kamijo closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly. "I promised them."
The chapel was suddenly filled with smell of blood, death and lingering screams.


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