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TTCHI 9: Leaving You Behind

12. srpna 2010 v 23:28 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
Everything ended and they are about to leave the castle... But what really happened back then? Will they ever know? Will they be able to understand and... most of all... to remember?


Yuki hepled Hizaki on her way towards the chapel door. She was clunching to his arm, yet she forced a smile upon her lips. Her brocate dress of creamy colour and corset with silver embroidery were left untouched and absolutely clean. That couldn't be said about Yuki and Teru. Both turned around as they were passing the entrance and tried to pierce the darkness in the niche behind the altar where Hizaki laid in unnatural sleep just a while ago. Nothing could be seen in there. Everything was silent and totally motionless. As if no one was there - no one ever was there.

"You sure you're alright?" Yuki kept worrying about his younger sister, but she just nodded. Her silence was understood by her saviors. She was held captive by a necromancer and they both knew how easily those dark beings could get inside one's mind. They could imagine well that all that time Hizaki roamed in an illusionary world created by the necromancer. After his spells and curses were broken, she woke up and was pulled back into life. Now she was there with them, in utter silence, lost in her own mind and memories. What is she thinking about? How long will it take to ask about Kamijo?

Their wondering was broken, when they started their way down from the castle hill to the village near the river. Hizaki looked up to her brother and very seriosly asked to be told what really happened and claimed that the only thing she remembered was how she fell on the stairs in the Palace of Roses and after that was left only absolute blackness in her memory.
Yuki sighed and told her the truth. How she was kidnapped by the necromancer and how he, Kamijo and Teru went on to rescue her. He told her about the creatures of the night and how Kamijo sacrificed his own life for her. That's what they decided to tell her - he and Teru. None of them had the heart to tell her the truth. No, Kamijo, her fiancee was left behind, because he fell valiantly in his battle with the necromancer and his minions. Kamijo bravely died and left their mortal world. Tears covered Hizaki's fair face while Yuki kept on telling about their brave fight, unnatural curse of darkness, strange encounters with shadows and the final battle in the chapel. He told her how Kamijo fought for her, killed the necromancer, but alas, was mortally wounded and died. The truth about the moment, he was sure to be their last, was locked deeply in his and Teru's memory - forever.

* * *

"I promised them. I will save Hizaki, no matter the cost. And I will not let you hurt any of my friends again," Kamijo growled at Masashi and frowned at him.
"Too bad for you then to be my slave."
"I won't bow to your will, Masashi. Not now, not ever," with that he charged on towards the necromancer with supernatural speed. It seemed almost as if he just teleported, in a flash he stood near Masashi and ran the sword through his blackened heart.

"Kamijo!" Yuki and Teru ran to him, tossing away the last threads of shadows' curses left upon them. Their fears and nightmares were left behind. Fact that Kamijo stood against the necromancer's power, remembered their promises and retained his sanity made them all too happy and filled with hope. Blood streaked from Masashi's wound on his chest and covered Kamijo's face and clothes.
"You cannot escape, Kamijo. Sooner or later, you will loose to yourself and my vengeance will be done," Masashi's body slowly began to turn into ashes and the shadows backed away from the chapel with howling. No more was this castle a place for them, they will either disappear from this world or roam it scattered until their last moment of un-life.

The powerful vampire turned to them. His pale face was clear again, just as his clothes. It surprised them once again, but weren't given the time to wonder about it. His eyes gleamed with red madness and the obsidian blade in his hand shimmered with dim violet light. His lips curled as he looked down at Hizaki laying on the altar. The sword hit the ground as Kamijo suddenly went to Hizaki and stooped down to her. With deviant lust and hunger he observed her perfect features, as she still laid dormant on the red covered altar. His hand stroke her cheek.
"You're still sleeping? Wake up, my love, please, wake up for me," if he could, he would cry. Yuki and Teru slowed down, but were walking to Kamijo without stopping. They both watched Kamijo carefully, Teru with pity and Yuki with doubts. Could it be that even after this, Hizaki was lost to them?
"You are... so beuatiful," Kamijo's lips whispered and as they moved, his sharp teeth were made visible. Red in his eyes gleamed stronger as he leaned towards her, stroking her throat. "Let me... just a little..."

"Kamijo!" Yuki jumped forth, pulled Kamijo away from Hizaki and tossed him away from the altar. He took up the obsidian blade and lifted it high in a sign of being prepared to stand in his way towards Hizaki. "What in the nine hells you're doing? Have you lost your mind?"
Kamijo showed up his teeth in an angry hiss, his red-shining eyes narrowed and eyebrows curled in frown.
"You've chosen your path, Kamijo. Now there is no way back for you," Yuki stated, the sharp end of the sword still poiting at Kamijo. His at first cold voice was suddenly filled with sobs as he spoke more. "I thank you for what you've done, it's a remarkable deed and I will always speak highly about you. But the way you are now, you are a danger to the world and all that is sacred. Do you truly wish to be like this? Kamijo, if you'd ask me, I would do it for you. If you choose death, I shall-,"
"Don't you dare to say that, Yuki!" Teru cried in disbelief and drooped down to Kamijo, hugging him tightly. Kamijo immediately stiffened in his touch, still he didn't try to back him off, neither did he attack him. "Believe in him a little. He fought against his darker side and against the necromancer. He *will* be able to remain with us, I know that."
"Teru, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid he won't. Just look at him. One day he will turn against us."

"Day by day, ever more forgetting you all. Ever more becoming what my brother so desperately wanted him to be. Cursing his own existence, yet unwilling to give upon this wicked form of life." Jasmine You stood there in the entrance and smiled on the three of them.
"How dare you? You knew that this was what Masashi wanted and yet-," Teru clunched his fists and scowled at the dark beauty. She merely shrugged her shoulders.
"It was inevitable for you to defeat him. What about a little gratitude?"
"Gratitude for what? For making a monster out of him?"
"Teru, stop it," it was Kamijo again, the red light left his unnatural vampire eyes and he bowed his head in resignation. "I'm sorry that it must end like this. Please, take good care of Hizaki. I will try my best never to harm you."
With that he looked at Jasmine You. She nodded slightly and left them again. Kamijo stood up and moved towards the altar, Yuki eyeing him closely with the sword prepared.

"I understand your fears, Yuki, but believe me, I can fight what I've become thanks to you both. You are holding me in your world, giving me the strength I need to keep the last pieces of my mortality. Without you I could hardly win this battle and save my precious Hizaki. Yuki and Teru, no matter how darkened were your fears or how twisted were your dreams, your faith in me is what showed me the way in my darkness. But before you leave, remember that nothing brought to you by the shadows was real. They only twisted the reality and memories to seem different. Forget what you've seen in here and remember the times we used to be together. Because no matter what might ever happen, I will treasure our shared memories forever and I know that they will always keep me on the right way."
He took Hizaki's hand and a slash of white light beamed in their touch, then fell down in sparkles. "Go now, I will stay here until I will be able to face you once again."

* * *

"What a brave warrior he must have been. Giving his own life for someone like me. I only wish I knew him."
Teru and Yuki looked at each other with horror in their eyes. But Hizaki's words rang sincere. Could it be that Kamijo somehow vanished from her memories?


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