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TTCHI epilogue: Remain in Dreams, Remain in Memory

13. srpna 2010 v 12:43 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  TO THE CHAOS INSIDE
Years have passed since their ways parted... Will they ever reunite again?


That night was black. It was during the new moon, but even if it weren't, it would change nothing because of the thick clouds. Not even one single star was visible. All that was left was utter blackness and dark.
The Palace of Roses was drowning in silence. Everyone was sleeping peacefully in this night of no lights. Their dreams varried - some were nice, others frightening, some were to leave a trail in memory, others soon to be forgotten. But still there were those who reached our for their dreams and every single night walked up high onto the highest tower with an unfading hope that perhaps that very night their wish would be granted. One man who took watch over others in the Palace every night. One man to bask at the beauty of the night and looking somewhere far away into the distance, lost in his own thoughts. Suddenly a gentle breeze touched his cheek and caressed his hair. Familiar scent filled his nostril. He turned around and smiled softly.

"So you've come at last." The silence was broken. "It took you some time, but I'm glad you're here again. Will you stay?" No asnwer came back to him from the darkness. "Others are fine, don't worry. It's just that, I'm so sorry, she still doesn't remember you," tears suddenly fell down. Why did it still hurt so much? Cold fingers wiped out his tears.
"I know. Don't cry, Teru, it's alright. Jasmine You told me. She was the one who locked away Hizaki's memories of me. To make it easier for her. She knew I would choose this. It's for the better and I'm fine with it, so don't you cry for it anymore."
"But it's so unfair, so cruel. To sacrifice that much for someone, who doesn't even remember your name."
"As I said, Teru, it's alright."

They stood there in silence for a while. Teru's eyes adjusted to darkness and could take a look at his best friend. He didn't change a bit - his hair remained goldenwhite, falling in front of his face, his clothes perfectly suited for the prince he used to be. His eyes shone in the night, but that frightening red gleam thankfully wasn't there. Still they looked so unnatural, but somehow he was getting used to it and it didn't scared him as back then. How long has it been since they have defeated the necromancer and parted their ways? Weeks, months, years? He could hardly remember.
"So, will you stay now?"
"You know I cannot. I can handle the call for blood, but being so close to mortals makes it too difficult to bear. Only during the new moon this beast inside of me weakens. Once a month I can come freely, without fear of hurting you."

Kamijo, the former prince of Roses stood there by Teru's side. Throughout the night they hardly traded words. All that mattered was that Kamijo was finally able to come back home again, if even only for this one night. But it was the first night of hundreds. They both knew this was their new beginning, even without saying it loud.
It took him quite some time to come here. But it was because it was difficult to deal with what he had become. The reason of these difficulties was something he couldn't tell anyone and least of all Teru. He knew it would make him cry again. And Kamijo would gladly cry with him if he only could. But the eyes of a vampire were unsuited for these crystal vessels of pure emotion. But even if he could, he would cry in vain, 'cause it would change nothing.
He has become a vampire and a really powerfull one. He was standing high above all the other creatures of the night, even above the mages or necromancers. He had accepeted this curse willingly and that was the source of his powers. The necromancer who should be his master was dead, killed by his own hands, and that gave him freedom in his actions. There was nobody he owed something to. Nobody? And what about Jasmine You?
It was true that Jasmine You saved his sanity. By drinking her blood, he got the power and will to fight the darkness' calls and disobey his master. She was the one who helped him rescue Hizaki. Alas, now he knew that it wasn't needed at all. From the very beginning turning Kamijo into a shadow vampire was Masashi's plan of vengeance. And Jasmine You lied to him about that illusion of cage protecting the obsidian sword. It was indeed an illusion, but it could be broken just by forcing their minds to ignore it - something any mortal could do, if he tried. But they didn't even try. Instead he immediatelly believed her and gave in to Jasmine You's offer, thus becoming what he was now.
As this all was planned aforehand, Jasmine You erased Hizaki's memories to spite her brother and to enlighten young maiden's suffering. Yet she did so for herself as well. She loved Kamijo and hoped that once Hizaki was lost to him, he would choose her instead. After he learned this, he could no longer stay in the black castle. He left Jasmine You and all the memories that were bound to that place. He left there the regrets and remorses of his unnecessary loss of his mortality. No matter how thankfull he was to Jasmine You for staying in touch with his humanity,  he still couldn't bear to be reminded that it was all done needlessly. So in the end, Masashi's curse hovered above him and was to stay there forever.

One thing about this curse just wasn't real. Thanks to retaining his senses, sanity and a part of mortality, he was able to remember what it all was like before. The feared forgetfullnes he was promised by Masashi in the end, hadn't yet come and he was sure it will never happen. He could cherish all their memories in his heart. In a heart that still wasn't changing to stone. Because even as a vampire he could keep his feelings. That was a blessing and a curse, too, one that Masashi never predicted. Vampires should loose all their feelings in time, being driven by their ambitions and hunger for blood, nothing else. Yet Kamijo, a prince above them all, who drank the blood of a sorceress, was still able to feel. He felt the warmth of mortals, which angered him, because he then realized the coldness of his own body and how much freezing he was. He could feel the happiness of his memories, and sadness as well, though he never could truly mourn, because he wasn't able to cry. But still, feelings of mortals were his own and for that, he was thankfull, no matter how hard it was sometimes to bear all the pain and suffering. Because he loved and yet hated the beast he was. And just as Masashi said, he yearned for death, but was unwilling to die...
He roamed the world aimlessly for years, feeding on other people or leaving them alone, starving and weakening his powers, only to be driven to greater aggression after some time. He realized the need of feeding himself regularly and properly to keep his own sanity. Only after he dealt with this and managed to keep his "human" form, he could come back to the Palace of Roses and face those he loved most of all. Finally he found a purpose for his eternal life - watch over and guard his beloved friends. From the dark shadows he would protect them from all evil of this world, he would take good care of them without them even knowing, until he wouldn't show himself during the newmoon - the only time when he could truly reunite with them. A fitting reward for his deeds. He decided to put his new powers into a good thing. From an evil beast of the night he would rise as a good protecting angel of his friends. Yes, that was his wish and he was sure he would be able to make it come true. He started a month ago and now for the first time he met up with Teru again. Next time, he knew, they wouldn't meet together in this solitary place of the highest tower. The halls of Palace of Roses was waiting for his return... and so were its people.
"Kamijo? The sun is rising," Teru whispered softly and looked around, but his best friend was nowhere to see. He must have left only a while ago, together with the deep shadows of the night.

* * *

She sat in a beautiful garden, waiting for someone she knew would come. Though in fact she never before met him, she was so sure about it that it was almost frightening. Her clothes of red and black were finely ordered and the black ribbon around her neck enhanced the pale beauty of her face and long fair hair. Suddenly steps were heard upon the soft grass and she turned around. A mysterious man was nearing to her. She didn't remember his name, but she was sure that it was him she was waiting here for. Sun shone in his almost white hair covering his pale eyes and face. His black coat embroidered with gold fit nicely on his slim body.
"I'm glad you've come," he said and she immediately fell in love with him. His voice was so overwhelming and her heart started to beat strongly. She lifted up her eyes to his face and smiled modestly, almost as if she was unsure if it's good for her to smile upon a stranger. A stranger? She knew she loved this man for a long time. Though she never met him before, she was to love him, because they were already engaged - for years, by the wish of their parents. Now she finally met him and was unspeakingly happy.
"It's my pleasure," she whispered and her lips were left parted. Her fiancee gave her a single perfect rose of deepest red. As she accepted the gift, he stroke her cheek gently and kissed her on those delicate lips.
"I've waited for you so long, Hizaki. Now once again, I can be with you."

* * *

She opened up her eyes and blinked into the morning rays of sun. As the last threads of dreams were fading off, she sat upon the bed and looked around. What a beautiful dream she had. Finally it got somewhere. For the last days, she always dreamed about her sitting in the huge garden. This time, thank the gods, the man she had been waiting for arrived. Though it was only a dream, she knew that if it would turn into reality, she would be incredibly happy. Somehow she couldn't bear it, she wanted this dream to come true so desperately. Perhaps just an illusion or a fantasy, but that beautiful prince who courted her, seemed to her as someone she could love - no, as someone she loved. And it felt as if they knew each other for some time now and that they loved each other strongly. Was that even possible? Or was just her fantasy playing with her dreams?
She shook her head and sighed deeply. Foolish girl. It was just a dream and nothing more. As she reached out, to uncover the blanket, her fingers touched something cold yet soft. She lifted up a wonderful red rose. She jumped out of bed and started to look around her bedroom. Sudden knowledge stroke her, she put a cloak upon her night-dress and ran to the last chamber of hers. She hadn't been there for years, because the key to the doors couldn't be found and she never truly wanted to look inside. Now she remembered where the key was kept and quickly opened the door. Red rose, still in her hand, fell silently to the ground as she went inside the old room.
There was a wonderful portrait of a man who somehow looked almost like the one from her dreams, yet slightly differed in details such as hair and eyes. But that smile was definitely his. She ran to the secretary and took old love-letters from the drawers. Their handwriting was delicate and fine and each one signed with the same name. Once more she looked upon the portrait and then smiled softly, lost in her old dreams and memories. The curtain to her past had been lifted.
"Kamijo, will you come back to me again?"


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