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4. září 2010 v 21:17 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  LES MISERABLES
The last show of the european tour 2008... how will it all end?


"What is love? What is a lie? That I don't know, just that I'm in love only with you."
-L'arc~en~Ciel - Fate-

They were slowly heading back to their apartment. Teru and Yuki walking side by side, the silence between them never seemed to Yuki more heavy. But short momentary glimpse on Teru relieved him of all doubts. The other man was smiling softly, watching their surroudnings with his bright blue eyes. He was happy, that much was evident. And Yuki smiled as well. This is what he liked so much, when Teru's gone silent for a while and just enjoyed the world and life for what it was, peacefully, quietly. And what a wonderful feeling it was, when he was so close to him…
"Today is the last day of the tour, Yuki. You should have gone out more, there were things to see."
"I know, but I'm satisfied with how it is. We didn't come for sightseeings."
"Ah, but when do we get here again?" Teru flashed a smile on him. "Don't worry, I'll show you the photos I've taken and tell you all about the places I have visited."
"I have no doubts you will, Teru," Yuki laughed quietly.

When they came back, there wasn't that much time left, so they immediately started to prepare for the evening show. Shower, dressing up, make-up and then hurrying to the place where the event was supposed to take part. Last rehearsal was needed to make sure that everything will be perfect. To ensure that the sound and visuals will indeed keep to their idea of absolute beauty.
The last moments before the concert, they all sat in a room in backstage. Kamijo and Jasmine were quietly talking to each other, Hizaki and Yuki were suddenly left alone by Teru, who went on to find something to drink, grumping about how the staff members were all gone.

"Don't watch him like that, Yuki," Hizaki said with that gentle smile of his upon the pink lips. The princess was delicate and graceful as always, yet there were sparkles shining in his eyes showing how much he was enjoying being here. As Yuki looked at him surprised, he wondered if Hizaki enjoyed making Yuki feel confused as well. "I mean Teru. You're always following him with your eyes whenever he's around. Seems like he's got to capture your attention and perhaps even more than just an attention."
"You read too much, Hizaki. I merely made sure he truly left."
"As if you could fool me, Yuki. You like him a lot, don't you? It can be told by the way you look at him. You are happy, all smiling when he's with you and then brooding in shadows when he ignores you. Ah, you long for his affection so much."
"Stop that, Hizaki, you're making me feel weird," Yuki frowned and shook his head. "I like having Teru around, that's true. He's fun to be with, but not for too long. You know, there are times, when I just can't stand him, because he's too loud-,"
"Ah, said the drummer. The most noisy instruments in our band are yours, my dear."
"I was just trying to explain that you shouldn't think of what isn't there. Besides, it would be pretty weird for a man to love another man, wouldn't it?"
"I never said you loved him, Yuki, but thank you for your answer."

Yuki growled, making Hizaki burst in laughter. "But to your question, I don't think so. Love is love and that is all that matters. If he feels the same for you," he shrugged his shoulders, which looked ridiculous in his costume. "Just don't overthink it, Yuki. Teru likes you as well, I can feel that. And it kind of seems that you two have a lot to learn from each other. Perhaps you will get to smile more often and enjoy your stay here and Teru might become more gentle towards others, taming his wild nature. Don't hesitate, Yuki. Teru is a giver, but he gave you enough hints. Now it's time for you to act on it, if you want to keep him near."

The show was getting high. Fans, mostly girls, were screaming and jumping, singing along with Kamijo, calling out their names, stretching hands to touch them. And the Versailles tempted them even more, giving all their best. They played with great enthusiasm, Hizaki and Teru like two roses entwining around each other - Hizaki being the wonderful, delicate rose and Teru the wild one making all the curves and dancing over the stage. Jasmine You tried his best as well, coming to the front of the stage once in a while, showing off his dark elegance and bass skills. Kamijo singing low and high, on the verge of passion breaking into tears. His voice rang powerful in the ears of all people gathered. And Yuki sitting behind his drum-set was hardly visible, yet he had the best view on the members. He was the one behind them all, hidden in shadows, leading them with his stable rhytm. Ocassionaly flashing wide smile upon those who would look at him, being it Teru or Hizaki and sometimes Kamijo and Jasmine. Everything was fine, a wonderful event to close their european tour. Until that fateful moment when a string on Hizaki's guitar broke.

Hizaki had to switch his guitar and it took him a while, so Kamijo tried to find a way to fill in the gap. He could choose to do anything, merely smiling upon the fans would be enough or perhaps a word or two in english, or even in japanese would make them scream. But no, he had to do something excentric, something the fan-girls truly craved for and who was he to deny them their wishes? With an elegant twirl, with his long coat barely touching his ankles, he closed the distance between him and Teru, taking the guitarist around his shoulders, dragging him closer. Yuki didn't hear what Kamijo was saying. The only thing that remained burned into his memory was how Kamijo leaned in and cought Teru's lips in long deep kiss. Blackness and silence fell upon Yuki, though the fans down beneath the stage were jumping and screaming off their senses, calling Kamijo's and Teru's names. Once the two of them broke away, Teru's eyes were widened with surprise but a smile was lingering upon his lips. He was obviously satisfied with what has happened. Teru put his head upon Kamijo's shoulder. Yuki frowned and hid even more in the shadows of his place. So much for his hope of Teru feeling the same. So much of being the only one who was kissed by Teru. He merely craved for touch and closeness, nothing more. And now it was all over.

They played together until the very end, even giving some songs in addition. But alas, or thankfully, everything had to end one day and the show was finished shortly before midnight. They drew into backstage, giving last orders to the staff to pack their things and then they left for their apartment.
"Don't frown like that, Yuki, you'll be all wrinkled."
He fenced off Kamijo's hand. "I'm just tired, so let me be."
"Then there's no need to be pissed off like that, is there?"
"I am not… Look, just leave me alone, okay? Can you do at least that much for me?"
"What's wrong, Yuki?" Teru leaned to him, embracing him with his long arm, but Yuki flinched away.
"Not now, Teru." Not ever again. "I only wish to be home soon enough."
"We all do, Yuki," Hizaki stroke his hair slightly and smiled. Understanding and a little sadness written in his delicate oval face, saying 'Even I can be mistaken. I'm sorry, Yuki. "It will be fine."

He nodded and got into the car. Teru was sitting right opposite to him, so he rather closed his eyes. It was so hard to remain calm, when everything inside of him was burning and screaming at him. He wanted to yell at Teru, tell him how much hurt he was when he let Kamijo kiss him like that. When he obviously enjoyed being with him, but then he realized… Teru was never mine in the first place. I have no claims upon him and he is free to do what he wants. It was all only my foolish wish and a dream that couldn't come true. I will get over it soon. Why then does my heart cry so much? Why don't I want to let go off you, though it hurts to love you like this? And why I cannot stop the tears?

Yuki turned his head to side, so he could hide the tears flowing down his cheeks. Teru was wierdly silent and grim. No one could tell what was going on behind those blue eyes at the moment. The silence after the last show between them all was burdening, making them almost unable to breath. What caused this atmosphere only few of them knew. Hizaki gently took Yuki's hand into his own and started to caress it. Yuki didn't protest, pretending he is already asleep.


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