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22. září 2010 v 20:44 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  LES MISERABLES
New Year 2009... how will Yuki face his own feelings now?


"In this ever changing world Love will never change."
-X-Japan - Forever Love-

Yuki felt as if something heavy was pressing upon his chest. Breathing was suddenly a very difficult thing and his heart was breaking apart. Stupid, stupid, stupid. You had a wonderful chance… But what if he never meant it *that* way? He shook his head, took a deep breathed and followed Teru out of the balcony to the room where the others were again sitting, drinking quietly. No one noticed him coming back. But he noticed well how every eye was turned to Kamijo and Teru.

"Have you told him?" Kamijo was sitting leisourly in his couch and holding Teru's hand, while the young guitarist was standing beside him. Teru merely shook his head silently. A mischievious smile flashed across the leader's face. "Now, that doesn't truly matter, Teru. I can always comfort you a little if the need be."
"Stop that, Kamijo," Jasmine You reprimanded his friend with his soft voice, though he didn't sound truly upset, as if what Kamijo said was merely a joke, no matter how much out of place. "Can't you see he's hurting?"
"That's why I offered my consolation and besides, Teru never protested before."

Yuki could hardly believe his ears. What was going on here? He wanted to speak with Teru again, see if he's truly alright - well, but was he himself alright enough to check on someone else? Nonetheless, he wanted to know that Teru wasn't that much hurt. No matter what Teru's feelings for him were like, he wanted him to be fine. Never again could he bear to see Teru crying. Yet now they stood there, Kamijo holding Teru's hand and offering him "consolation," something that Teru had obviously gladly accepted before. Before what?

Teru freed himself and frowned down at Kamijo. "It was all just a big mistake, Kamijo, one that I will never make again."
"Do as you please, little kid. Stay lonely if that seems to be a better option for you."
"You know, Kamijo, there are things worth to remain lonely for them. Better to be lonely than to hurt someone. Better to be lonely than to feel ashamed for not being true to your own feelings. If I must be lonely in order to return smile back to Yuki's face, then I will accept this loneliness. I only wish you would be able to understand this one day."
Teru passed beside their leader to leave the room. Yuki stared after him. Could it be that… he always misinterpreted things? If that was the case then he was even more stupid than he already thought he was.

"So, you're happy, Yuki? Teru is all yours now and I will have to find someone else to play with," Kamijo sensually licked his lips and narrowed his eyes.
"You're a beast, Kamijo, praying on others. Leave Teru and me out of your games," Yuki was surprised by the coldness of his own voice and how easily those words left his mouth.
"Don't be so harsh on me. It *was* thanks to me that you both finally realized what you feel one for other?"
"What a horrible way to find out and even sadder if it will be the reason of breaking up yet before anything started between them," Jasmine You stated quietly and then turned to Yuki. "What are you waiting for? You should go after him if that's what you wish."

Yuki agreed and moved on, quickening his pace with every step. He was already running when he got out on the corridor and hastedned after Teru. He had seen him passing around a corner, towards his room and ran after him. He reached him as the guitarist was opening the door, but turning around surprised by the loud sound of someone running to him. He was almost hit by Yuki, who suddenly stopped beside him and grabbed his hand.
"Teru, wait!" he went silent again, just stared there into Teru's face. Teru wasn't smiling yet, but neither was he crying. He beamed with expectation and hope, turning his big blue eyes at the drummer. Yuki was a little out of breath, so it took some time for him to continue his speech. Meanwhile he was just holding Teru's warm hand in his own, unwilling to let go of him and wondering what to say. How to state what this little imp meant to him? Suddenly he smiled, with that beautiful rare smile of his, and embraced the guitarist in a strong hug. Teru gasped in surprise, but returned the hug, leaning his head onto Yuki's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Teru, for hurting you… and me… I should have told you before, but… it's difficult to speak about it… I'm still not sure… I just… Teru, I'm not letting go of you anymore. So please, stay with me if you can."
Yuki felt warm tears on his shoulder. Teru was crying, sobbing quietly, but holding onto Yuki so strongly and firmly, that he couldn't push him away even if he wanted.
"I never truly hoped, Yuki, that's why I never thought you might feel the same. And that's why I didn't realize what I've done wrong until Kamijo tossed it right into my face. I never wanted to hurt you in any way. Before I've been always hurting someone, but not anymore and least of all you."
"Teru, you're an angel to me, I admire your endless happiness and energy and I love the way you make me feel when you're around. I was a fool to run away from you, so I hope, you can forgive me. I will do my best so you wouldn't feel lonely."

Teru moved a little and kissed Yuki on his cheek. Teru's face was wet from all the crying, but a soft smile was clearly visible. "I'm so sorry, Yuki, for hurting you. I should have never gone for Kamijo, when it was always you I wished for. Such a stupid mistake and I could have lost everything. I love you, Yuki, let me stay with you forever."
It didn't take long to close the remaining distance between them with a kiss. Soft, gentle, warm exchange of deep love and care for each other, mutual understanding and an agreement of future together. They were fixed in this loving pose until they went out of breath and had to break the contact.
"Seems like we've hurted each other enough. Now it's time to make the other feel better."
"I will do my best. I never truly cared for others, but since I've known you, it had changed and I'm becoming a better person. That's why I need you beside me, Yuki."
"Then stay with me, Teru, and don't you ever leave me. Because you're the one I need as well," Yuki hugged him once more, stealing the warmth of Teru's body. The world had closed in into the guitarist's lean figure in his arms. They were together and that was all that mattered.

It was Teru who pulled them into his room, holding Yuki's hand. They sat on a bed, landing gentle kisses on the face, neck and hands of the other, as if they wanted to hurry on the road they could have been on for much longer time yet. Because of various reasons, they've lost so many days and months and now they were finally together, wanting to show the other how they cared. Teru lightly held Yuki's chin and gazed into his eyes. He smiled wildly, when he recognized that innocent look of Yuki. He leaned down to trap his mouth once again in a kiss. He started
to lick drummer's lips and he obediently parted them in answer. Teru immediately pushed his tongue into that wet cave, holding Yuki closely to himself. He could feel the surprise of his lover, but he didn't stop. Instead he continued exploring Yuki's mouth with his tongue and Yuki soon adjusted to this new experience and moved his own tongue into a loving dance with Teru's.
As Teru realized that this new way of kissing was accepted and welcomed, he became bolder in his touches as well. Trailing Yuki's body with his long fingers, he lifted his shirt and slided beneath it, caressing Yuki's pale soft skin on his back, sides and belly. He wanted him so much, he wanted to show him how deeply he loved him and there was only one way to show - only one he was familiar with. He grasped the hem of the shirt and dragged it over his head, leaving Yuki partially naked. At the moment, Yuki bluhsed a little and became shy, looking away. Teru undressed himself as well and embraced Yuki, pressing them closely together, so Yuki might feel Teru's hot skin on his own. With hands and gentle kisses and bites upon Yuki's body, he started to play on that string of lust. Yuki was responding, giving into Teru's caressing and answering in similar way, yet a little unskilled and shy.

Teru's hands moved further down on Yuki's waist, stroking his thigs and back. Yuki shivered in guitarist's embrace, but still he was unwilling to let go of this passion game. Teru suddenly pushed Yuki down and trapped him between the soft bed and himself. First he kissed him, to make him feel at ease and then he traced his body teasingly, playing with his nipples and then moving further down. Yuki was sighing with pleasure, but as Teru reached his crotch, he panicked. Faster than lighting he sat up and escaped from Teru's touch.
"Teru, that is… I mean, isn't this a bit too fast?"
"No, why? I've loved you for so long already."
"I don't know, it just doesn't seem right to me."
"Oh," Teru closed his eyes and nodded slightly. "I'm sorry, Yuki, I guess I've hurt you again."
Yuki grabbed Teru's hand and smiled at him. "Don't be a fool, Teru, you didn't hurt me in any way. I really liked it, I just don't want to haste things."
"Haste? Ah, Yuki, you think we should wait some time before showing how much we love and care for each other? I think I don't understand, cause I truly want to show you."
"Come here," Yuki pulled the slim guitarist closer and hugged him tightly. "I just would appreciate a properly balanced relationship. There are other ways to show love and care, beautiful and strong as well, perhaps only a little… more innocent. Teru, I'm sorry, but as I am now, I'm not prepared for this. I love you and I really want to be with you, just… it seems to me as degrading our love to mere physical pleasure. Can you wait for me a little longer then?"
Teru nodded and answered with a kiss. I can wait now when I know you feel the same. I can wait forever, Yuki…


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