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22. září 2010 v 20:52 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  LES MISERABLES
The first day of the year 2009... Yuki and Teru are finally together, but what will the New Year bring to the others?


"I want to spread my angel wings and fly over my towering dreams."
-Kuroyume - Like an Angel-

The next morning found them sleeping together in one bed in a gentle embrace. It was one of the most beautiful mornings of their lives, one of many more beautiful that were certain to come. But how long could their happiness truly last none of them could foresee. But the fact that Jasmine You was sitting in the kitchen all alone was more than disturbing.
"Where's Kamijo and Hizaki?" Yuki asked as he realized the creepy silence in the house.
Jasmine You shrugeed his shoulders. "Gone."
Teru and Yuki looked at each other with a confused look and then continued their breakfast quietly. Both of them were wishing for their friends to return soon. Both of them hoped that this wasn't a bad premonition. What was this New year about to bring to them?

"That was quite a surprise, Hizaki," Kamijo smirked and leaned against the railing. He was dressed in a long dark robe with fiery lacing, his long curled hair falling down on his shoulders. Pale skin and light eyes with black pupils and lining of iris were giving him that distinguishing vampire look. Still a kind of devilish aura seemed to glow around him and made him seem even more cruel and cold. "I would have never guessed that. From now on, I suppose, we are rivals."
"We've always been rivals, Kamijo," Hizaki answered. He beamed with a light that made his white dress and blond hair shine. His eyes and smile were soft as always, dyed now with a touch of sadness. "It's a pity that this illusion couldn't last a little longer."
"Our mission is clear and we have our duties. Continue on with your Grace Project and I will find a new platform as well. To cooperate is now-,"
"What about the others? How will we explain that it's over?"

Kamijo went silent. Thinking about others made him think about the whole project as a living being. Versailles meant a lot to him, how could they end it? They've done so much together until now. He and Hizaki, despite all the differences always worked together well. Besides, it was focusing on the similar, yet absolutely contradiciting aim that pulled them together. Their music echoed in hearts of many people down on earth - shining in darkness and dimming the light, bringing harmony, sadness and hope, showing up beauty and blood, death and life. Together by the very same music they got into minds of the young ones of different worlds. Who was to continue on this path and win their hearts definitely?
"Kamijo, think about it. You know what must be done."
"I will tell them something, don't worry. This game is in it's end."
"We were given tasks that we shall fulfill, but no one ever said that we cannot use the same means. Don't you think that we were doing well until now?" Hizaki laughed silently. "Look, I never thought I would be the one to say this, but I just don't want to stop it yet. Not until we are forced to."

Kamijo burst into a laughter. "Right you are, Hizaki. We weren't yet ordered to cease our mutual work. Souls must be captured for one realm or another, it's all the same as before. You have your aim and I have mine. Let's see who will stand victorious in the end."
"It's a challenge, then? I am truly curious how this will work out."
Both angels stooped down from the bridge of Pandemonium, closing the absolute distance between the Tower of Light and the Tower of Darkness high above the plane of eternal fight. Soon they were to come back to the world they have fallen so much in love with. Their angelic features and auras were silenced as they started to walk the quiet morning streets.

"Hizaki, may I ask you something? As an Angel of Light, shouldn't you stand against Teru's and Yuki's love?" Kamijo asked darkly, his beautiful eyebrows frowned, face covered in shadow. Hizaki smiled before he answered.
"Love is love, Kamijo, and that's all that matters. When you feel so strongly about someone, other things are not so important anymore. I am sure you know what I'm talking about. Even as a son of Darkness you know what love and care is."
Kamijo hissed in irritation. "You are a hopeless case, Hizaki. Now, let this conversation end and we shall speak of it nomore."
"As you wish, Kamijo," Hizaki nodded, satisfied. Their true battle had started today, they both knew it. Souls of millions were at stake, but it was that one and only soul that truly mattered.


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