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Environmental Letters

12. října 2010 v 21:48 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written in 2003/2004
Environmental Letters

Hail to thee, Guardian of the Forest,

Let me put you to a neverending rest,
I'll destroy you, burn you with fire
Because of my proud ill-desire.
No one can stand in my way,
That's why you'll die today.
For I am fierce and strong
And Nature cannot come with me along.
Take it as for you existence punishment,

Die soon,
Yours sincerely

You words are proud, but they went by,
Now listen how do I reply.
You say you're strong, well, you may be,
Yet strength is not the only key.
I will endure you treachery and survive foul mockery.
You can't destroy me and soon you'll see
That my life is a part of thee,
This spot on your shield you can't erase,
That's why is foolish your persistence
To destroy and kill this part of thee,
Though you may try fighting me.
Soon you'll find it foolish and bad,
It would make your life empty and sad.
Hope you understand now our bond
Of which I am a quite fond.
Do not pay heed to my changing moods.

With love, as always
              Guardian of Eternal Woods.

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