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Feelings Should Rule

12. října 2010 v 22:10 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written on 3. VII. 2005
Feelings Should Rule

(to remember that we should trust our feelings more and act on them)

You think when Mind is what will rule
You'll stand as stead as tree,
Yet just as stars, the roots here are
More than the eyes can see
And Heart with Love should lead the way
To set your spirit free.

The Soul is rock that can't be moved,
So strong, yet soft and mild,
When lived by Heart your Life is sweet,
With Time you can run wild
And in the night by Love held tight
Sleeps Heart in peace as child.

Do not count on that Mind works on
And Heart will not feel pain,
Your Heart is Soul and Soul is Heart,
With joy can watch the rain.
The words run fast, forgotten fast
But feelings will remain.

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