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22. října 2010 v 22:13 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  LES MISERABLES
Time was flowing by... some days were happy, others sad, but the worst was only about to come...


"Never thought I would, never thought I'd need to say goodbye."
-Yoshiki - Unnamed Song-

Kamijo turned to the window and stared out. Only several lamps on the street were piercing through the darkness brought by night. But there was no light that could banish the darkness from his thoughts, soul and heart. He frowned and shook his head, trying to fight back the tears. He was supposed to be cold and untouched by feelings of others, yet somehow this one got past of all  his walls and defenses.

"I'm so sorry, Kamijo," Jasmine whispered from behind him and coughed once again. His face was pale and his long dark hair wet from sweat. He was way too weak now and all the time rested in his bed to gain some strength again. They had to cancel all rehearsals, activities and preparations for the upcomming album. Due to Jasmine You's sickness their project was suspended for the time being. And none of them could do anything about it. They could only hope and pray for Jasmine to get better. Alas, they all knew well how this will end. There was merely one question left: 'How long will it take?'
"It's not your fault, You, don't apologize."
"I know, still, I'm sorry I'm gonna leave you here. Not only you, all of the Versailles. I never thought-,"
"Hush!" Kamijo turned back to his dear friend and forced a smile for him. "Nothing's over yet. We shall wait for you to recover and come back to us."

Their sad smiles echoed in the silence spread between them. What was the good of denying inevitable? At least they were still together, though Jasmine was literally tied to the bed. At least they could see each other, see each other, talk to each other. Indeed, nothing was yet over.

* * *

"How is he?" Teru asked in a worried voice when Kamijo stepped inside, but the leader merely shook his head. No answer came from him. Jasmine You suddenly fainted in the studio and had to be taken to the hospital. His constant weakness has finally showed its bare teeth and took hold of their beloved friend. Verdict of the doctors was cruel: recede from all the Versailles's activities. The strain it was putting on him was far too much for his body to handle. No matter how much he was forcing himself for the sake of others and his own, there was a time when his body would scream in pain and ask for a pause. That moment has come and Jamine You was taken away from them.
Teru stood up and left the room, his eyes dimmed with tears. Yuki immediately followed after him, which made Kamijo and Hizaki remain sitting there in silence: together, yet so distant, that it was the same as if being all alone.

"Let him go," it was Hizaki who broke the silence.
"What?!" Kamijo turned to the Angel of Light, his eyes widened in disbelief. Soon he grabbed hold of himself again and coldly rebuked his companion. "I'm not keeping him here."
"Of course you aren't, none of us could hold him in this world. And don't think it doesn't concern me. We have been together for such a long time and shared our dreams with the world. It pains me as well to see him suffer like this, but, Kamijo, let his soul go where it belongs."

Kamijo smirked, finally realizing what was Hizaki talking about. "You must be joking. It was always about Jasmine's soul and I'm not letting him go, for several reasons. First, I'm bound by my quest. Second, for years I've been attaching Jasmine to me and made him tied to me, so he would do anything for my sake. And thridly, I want him by my side forever."
Kamijo's eyes were burning with red light and Hizaki bowed his head. Fair long curls fell down in front of his shoulders and covered his face, so no one was able to see the tears running down his cheeks. "You love him, Kamijo, don't you? Even you know what it means to love. Don't hurt him, don't make him suffer anymore. Let him go."

"I don't believe in love, Hizaki, not anymore. I want his soul for myself and my kingdom, that is all that matters to me. You are free to watch as Jasmine will fall down to the darkness in his heart. No, he won't fall, I shall take him there myself."
With that Kamijo stood up and reached for the door to leave, but still he could hear the quiet words Hizaki whispered: "You've never forgotten and you've never forgived, but I don't believe you have stopped loving."

Kamijo slammed the doors, but he just couldn't shake off Hizaki's last words. They haunted him, followed him as he walked down the corridor and went out into the crowded streets of Tokyo. He swept back his head and looked at the bright sky above. The innocent blue colour was here and there covered by white curly clouds. This summer was hot and nice and they all had great plans for it. Somehow they got out of their hands and decided to go its own way. Was everything going to fall apart now?
He hated Hizaki for those truthful words. Fine, he might have known a lot about his past, but that was no right for him to be reminding him of it and convincing him like this. He was a Dark Angel after all and had some tasks to fulfill. Stealing Jasmine You's soul was one of them and he wasn't going to lose to that proud, yet sweet and innocent-looking Hizaki.

Somehow his feet carried him through the streets and soon he found himself sitting on a bench in a park. Huge trees were rasing high up to the skies, full green leaves were rustling lightly in the warm breeze. Grass below his feet was soft and calling him to rest upon it. Small flowers were hidden in the blades of grass. Suddenly unexpected tears filled his eyes and fell down his cheeks. He gasped in surprise, eyes opened wide, but he didn't try to wipe out the tears nor dry his face. He just let all the sadness and sorrow flow.
It was all true, what Hizaki said. He couldn't forgive or forget and it still hurt too much. With Jasmine You he finally found the one he could love again and he couldn't afford any other loss. That is why he must succeed on his mission and bound Jasmine to the eternal darkness - make him give up to this life and commit a suicide. But then again… was it Jasmine's wish to be forever with Kamijo? And would he be happy with him there in that darkness?

Kamijo shook his head, bowed his head and put it in his hands, resting them on knees. He must have been a sight to see for all the passing people. Evidently sad young man in grief during such a beautiful summer day… To hell with all the people! None of them could understand what he was going through!

Bound Jasmine You to darkness would certainly make him able to be with Jasmine whenever he would like. But, as a condemned soul he would suffer in eternal pain and all other Dark Angels would likely fed on his sorrowful soul. Was that the future he wanted to offer him? Was that the love he was hoping to show him? But if he would let him go to Light, he would be happy and in peace forever, with no regrets and only sweet memories of this life, of Kamijo as well, though they would never be allowed to see each other again. Teru's words suddenly came back to him and echoed in his heart: There are things worth to remain lonely for them.

"What then should I do?" he whispered as he was sitting there in the park, so frighteningly alone. "Damn it, I am the Son of Darkness! What am I thinking about?!" He wiped out his tears and determined walked back to the studio. He might be losing one of his sheeps, but the others had to practice hard. They weren't going to just sit and wait for You to feel better. They must focus on work no matter what.

* * *

The funeral was silent and teary. Family and Jasmine You's closest friends from Versailles gathered to say their last farewell to one of their most treasured persons. Jasmine You's sickness cought him and this beautiful and always loving and caring fairy passed away. He went on to the world beyond and left those he loved in this world filled with tears and uncurable pain. Another man has died. What a statement! Jasmine You wasn't a mere man! He was a skilled bassist, bound for greatness, yet the death's clutches took him away! As a rose or as a star he will shine forever from now on in their memories… And as thousands of fans throughout the whole world expressed, in their hearts and memories as well. No, Jasmine You won't be forgotten, because he will look down on their beloved friends and guide them as an angel from above. The real angels down on this world knew their own truth.

"Thank you, Kamijo," Hizaki whispered, as they were leaving the graveyard.
"I didn't do anything, seems like my influence wasn't that strong after all," he said with teeth clenched hard and fighting back the tears.
"Ah, then I thank you for doing nothing. Don't worry, I will take good care of him and give him your kindest regards."


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