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29. října 2010 v 23:07 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  LES MISERABLES
Nothing happens without a reason and every deed has its consequences... not one single good deed will remain unpunished...


"Even if I get lost on my way, your melody will keep on playing."
-hide - Goodbye-

Next days were grim and grey. Though the summer was high, they all were left in sorrow and grief, every memory of that loving smile was followed by tears and sadness, because he was no longer there beside them. And as if that loss wasn't enough...

* * *

"Many thanks to you all that you have come so quickly. You were summoned here for this council to let you know that your mission is now over," the words of the leading archangel Michael were said in a most polite way, but no one doubted that it was a strict order. His green eyes scrutinized all the gathered angels and lingered on the two of them. "Hizaki and Kamijo, you both have shown us a strange way of accomplishing the task. Such a cooperation was unexpected but it has brought its fruit. But it ends today. Gather your subordinates and return back to your realms."
All the angels nodded in silence, but still they didn't move. Though none of them dared to ask, they still expected an answer to their questions: Why this sudden change of plans? Why should they leave the mortal world?

"Pardon my curiosity, Michael, but if I may ask what is the reason for this?" Hizaki broke the silence. He and Kamijo were working in the mortal world far too many years, in fact longer than any other of the angels here, and they have fallen in love with those beautiful people - beautiful in all their ways. And they shared their dreams together. It wasn't a mere work for them that had to be done. It meant so much more.
Michael turned his gaze to him. "The date for another battle has been set. Soon we shall match our strength. Once it's over, perhaps you'll be allowed to return back. But it depends on the winning side."

Many of the angels whispered in surprise. Another angelic battle was to take place on the wide plans of their worlds. What would it bring? How would their lives change? And how would it affect the mortals? Hizaki shook his head. Was this even possible? It was clear that everything was shaking apart. Nothing would last forever...
"Now go and prepare for the battle. Do what you must do in the mortal world and haste back. Things are about to change soon."

Angels bowed their heads in respect and took their leave. As Hizaki and Kamijo were about to join the others, the dark cold voice of Samael stopped them. "You can go, Hizaki, but there is something I need to discuss with Kamijo. You know what it will be about, don't you?"
Kamijo was frozen in his place. Surely he didn't think that his withdrawal from taking Jasmine You's soul would go unnoticed. Due punishment was about to come. If Samael was taking the charge of it, he wouldn't go easy on him. "You may go, Hizaki."
"I will stay."

* * *

Kamijo was put in chains, oh, but what a shame to be tied like this in the place where the lands of Light and Darkness crossed. Leaving angels turned around and gazed upon him, wondering what his guilt might have been, whispering in anger and confusion. Only Hizaki bowed his head in compassion knowing the truth. Kamijo stared back at him with a cold and spiteful gaze.

Samael started to whip the Dark Angel and truly he wasn't going easy on him. He let him feel it through what it meant to go against their beliefs, what it meant to fail a mission. Were he to lost his fight with Hizaki that would be something utterly different. The reason for his punishment was that he withdrew from the battle over Jasmine's soul and not only that: he practically lead Jasmine towards the Light. A shameful and disgraceful thing of a Dark Angel to do.
The long whip was kissing Kamijo's naked back and shoulders, leaving red traces. Soon the skin was broken and blood started to run down from the wounds. His back hurt, burnt in pain, but worst of all was the inner pain and shame he was going through. Those visible wounds were just a symbol. True punishment was brough upon his soul and was invisible. And Samael wasn't sparing this Son of Darkness. His crime was even greater because he didn't feel any regrets for what he had done.
Once Samael was done with him, he left him there put on display to anyone, he could be seen from both realms equally. His body tensed in all the pain. He didn't cry out loud during the punishment, but salty tears began to well up in his eyes. He closed his eyes and tried to fight them back, because he was unwilling to bow his head.

Hizaki slowly came to Kamijo. They were never friends, yet the compassion he felt towards him wasn't just because he knew the reason and was grateful for Jasmine's sake. He caressed his cheek, leaned to him and kissed Kamijo's parted lips. Then something in him broke. Tears were released from their imprisonment and starte to flow down. Peace and light embraced his soul and made all the sorrow and hatred gone, though his body still hurt a lot.

"I can do nothing else for you, Kamijo. Please, stay just as you are."
"Will you tell him?" Hizaki nodded. "Then we shall meet each other in the battle."
"I hope to continue our Versailles's project once it's over again," he grinned playfully, a strange thing from an Angel of Light, but it made Kamijo feel even better. He smiled back.

* * *

When Hizaki returned back he found Yuki and Teru sitting together on a bench in front of Kamijo's house, their hands entwined. The Angel of Light neared with an emotionless face.

"Where have you been?" Teru asked curious and then added a little sharply: "And where is Kamijo?"
Hizaki averted his eyes. "He had to do something and will return back later. But he's sending you this," he offered him a small peace of paper. Teru let go of Yuki, reached for the letter and opened it. Hastily hie read the short message, his eyes widened in surprise. He looked inquieringly at Hizaki. He only shook his head. "Don't look at me, Teru, it's between you and Kamijo, I didn't read it."
"What's in it?" Yuki asked and tried to look at the paper, but Teru quickly hid it from him.
"Nothing you should worry about. Excuse me, I just... ah, nevermind."

Teru was surely acting weird. He stood up and disappeared inside of the house. Yuki looked after him amazed, then turned to Hizaki with an unspoken question. The Angel shrugged his shoulders.
"It doesn't concern us, Yuki. But now when he is gone, come. I need to speak with you."


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