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Little Flower

10. října 2010 v 18:48 | Amantia Aceracea |  SHORT STORIES
A short story about a little flower who was in love with the sun... written on 10. IV. 2008

A Little Flower

Once upon a time there was a little flower. This flower was growing on a meadow among many others and was no special, except for one thing. Little flower was getting more and more beautiful every day. The reason of its beauty was love. You see, this flower has fallen in love with the Sun and every night she prepared and dressed herself carefully to be the most beautiful and outstanding flower in the world, so that the Sun would look upon her and touch her lovingly with his warm rays. Little flower always looked forward for another day, waiting earnestly for the Sun to come and shine upon her. She always thought, that the Sun is here only for her and no one else.
"How amazing the Sun is," one day another flower of the meadow sighed happily.
Little flower looked upon the other one counfused.
"You see, the Sun comes every day to shine upon us and makes us all so beautiful and sweet," the other flower explained patiently and smiled.
"So he shines upon you too?" asked the little flower.
"The Sun? But of course he does," laughed the other one merrily. "He helps us all, the flowers, with its warm and caring rays. Without him we would never be so nice as we are."

"I always thought that he shines only for me," thought the little flower and frowned. "That he comes to look upon me, to see how beautiful I am. Have I been that wrong? Does he really take me just as one of many?"
And the little flower drowned in her sadness and started to slowly wither away. She shut herself from those caring rays, tried her best to evade them, for she didn't want to feel them anymore. Her love for Sun vanished and so did the reason for her beauty. Her nights were filled with tears and days she spent in shadows of her own.

"Little flower," a sweet voice caressed her and a warm ray touched her petals. She couldn't resist and looked up into the face of the Sun. "Why have you closed yourself?"
"My dearest Sun, I used to love your warmth and care, but not anymore. I cannot bearthe thought that I'm not the only one you shine upon," explained the little flower with tears in her eyes.
"Oh, but, my dear, I need to shine upon the whole world. I send my rays to everyone equally, so everyone would have the same chance to become beautiful. Everything else stands just on your own skills and abilities. I'm merely the one who helps a little, that's all."
"Not for me, Sun," she shook her head. "I wanted to be beautiful for you and I thought you are beautiful just for me. I want you to shine on me."
"I've never stopped shining upon you, little flower," smile the Sun. "And I've never stopped looking upon you, cause you were the most beautiful of all the flowers in the meadow."

Little flower smiled and bloomed once again in wonderful colors. "So you haven't forgotten me? Will you stay with me forever now and be there for me?"
The Sun nodded with a gentle smile. "I will be here for you, just as I am here for anyone else."
"No, no. I want you to be here only for me."
"That I cannot," sighed the Sun sadly. "I am the Sun after all, and I cannot prefere one to another. I need to be here for everyone."

Little flower was terrified, but she was determined to get what she wanted. So she played strictly the role she created for herself, frowned and turned away. "Very well then. I don't need you. I can do just fine even without you. Now leave me."
Little flower became very alone. Despite her proud words, she couldn't be more wrong. And though the Sun never stopped sending his rays towards her, she shut herself even more from them. Her colors faded and her heart sank into the lake of tears and sadness.

Yet even in her sadness and with her brtight colors gone, she still remained one of the most beautiful flowers in the meadow. By fate or by chance, she was picked up by gentle hands and taken far away from the world she knew, into an absolutely different one. People put her into a glass full of water and laid on the table in a kitchen. SHe thought she knew what it meant to be hurt, sad and desperate, but only now the true hell began. She missed the caring touches of Sun, she missed the smell of the nature, she even missed all the other flowers, she thought she never cared for them, but oh, how alone was she now. And she realized, that no matter what she had said or done, she was able to remain beautiful because of the sweet touch of the Sun, though she was far away from him.

But now it was different. She was locked up in a room, and only through glass the Sun was sending his rays to her. They were no longer that warm, no longer so sweet and caring, no longer they made her beautiful. And above all else, she was no longer able to see his face again. She began to weep silently. Everything she had was lost. Everything she wanted disappeared. And everything she could have she had thrown away.

"Oh, why only was I so selfish?" thought the little flower but it was too late for regrets. Nothing could bring the caring love of the Sun back to her. "I could have basked in his rays, I could still be the most beautiful of all the flowers, dance for him and make him smile. Maybe he would not love me as I loved him, but at least we would be together. Now we will never meet again."
This little flower cried for her lost hopes and for lost dreams. For wishing for something she could never gain, she has lost everything. Those dreams of love were wonderful to dream, but they brought her only pain and tears. She asked for too much and because she couldn't get it, she has become cold. In her pride she banished the Sun from her life and now she really was dying. Not out of love that couldn't come true, but out of loneliness, regrets and sadness.

Only now, when it was too late to go back, she realized how much she still loved the Sun and that he loved her, too. He loved all the flowers in the meadow, he cared for them. He was their best friend, who made their dreams of beauty come true. But she wanted more and destroyed everything. She would give anything to tell him that she was sorry, anything to see him again. Alas, that chance was lost now...

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1 Ishida Uryu Ishida Uryu | 12. října 2010 v 7:58 | Reagovat

pekny pribeh, taky zo zivota :)

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