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Poet of Humanistic Heart

12. října 2010 v 21:52 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written in May 2004
Poet of Humanistic Heart

Hear ye, hear ye, oh fellows dear
A song of sadness and deep grief,
About a poet in battle queer,
He's not a star shining brief:
Long ago wind took his leaf,
Long his life did start,
One lonely ear out of the sheaf
Was this poet of humanistic heart.

Born to the Paris, queen a crowned,
He loved her, praised, she meant everything.
With shame he walked for last time round,
Ashamed by a woman who rejected ring,
Ashamed by a priest who died for your sting;
Did you suppose this was your ace-card?
What else could your deed to you bring,
My dear poet of humanistic heart?

Born to the middle-ages of scholastics,
Your Sorbonne tried to give you life.
What was the good of it? Stones and sticks!
With law you began you huge strife,
With cocquillards you began a frantic drive.
Did you think you now really smart?
Rebel, thief, of all virtues deprived,
Only a poet of humanistic heart.

Your path was dark and goal-less,
Thrice gallows waved on you,
Thrice Death laid upon you press,
But Ballade get you again through.
So to life you still stay true
With a tongue as sharp as dart,
You served lords and ladies too hot stew,
Ingenious poet of humanistic heart.

After years of wandering you returned
To Paris you still held so dear:
Scars on your body, soul to ash burned,
You knew everything - courage and fear.
Did I see in your eye a tear?
Sent on a road, marvellous bard!
Alone again you must steer,
François Villon of humanistic heart.


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