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20. října 2010 v 20:06 | Aijin |  PROFILE

Finally, I have decided to put some info of my humble person here... so people might now who are they dealing with and who is the owner of this blog... well, welcome xD

Is this too little information for you? Try the listing on my profile or the more poetic version of my story

Name: Amantia Aceracea
aka: Elfi, yersinia pestis, Calnáro Culúfin Daelinsûl, Aijin, Kei Satoru
Age: born in the year 007, count it yourselves ;)
Sex: it is said that elves change their sex every 1000 years, so right now... try to guess :P
Sexuality: well, does it matter when I got to change again in time?

Homecountry: Slovakia
Status: taken, tamed and strongly in love

parents: both living happily together
eldest brother: married, 2 daughters
older brother: married, 1 daughter

Zodiac sign: libra
Chinese horscop sign: wooden ox
Native American horoscop sign: raven
Celtic horoscop sign: ivy; maple

School: university graduate, faculty of arts, archivistics and auxiliary historical sciences
Major theme: Selected individual seals of medieval Hungary
Job (what I do at work): (student again, no job yet :/)

Occupation (what I do at my free-time): writing, translating, piano playing, dreaming

Plants: Arthur, Eduard, Lorenzo 'Chachamaru' Camui, Orpherus and Ludwig Ernest
Piano: Cendrillion
Notebook: Aran Dale
Pets: Sword Wolf and Arashi ;P
Vehicles: Lothar and Hokuroh ^^

mother language: slovak
advanced?: english, czech
intermediate: german, latin
basics: hungarian, middle-aged german
learning: japanese, polish
not learnt, but understand a little: some of other slavic languages, french, spanish, italian

music genre: rock (evertything that rocks xD)
book genre: fantasy
colour: violet
animal: cat
instrument: piano
season: autumn
month: October
element: wind
weather: not too cold, not too hot
food: kind of chicken sauté with rice
flower: gerbera (daisy) and of course rose :)
tree: maple (un-expected? ;))
letter: M
moon: full
star: Deneb (summer), Sirius (winter)
constellation: Orion

MUSIC IN DETAIL (jpn, other)
band: X-Japan, Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian
song: Silent Jealousy (X-Japan), The Soulforged (Blind Guardian)
vocals: HYDE, hide, Tony Kakko, Hansi Kürsch, Klaus Meine
drums: Kami, Thomas Stauch
guitar: Teru, Timo Tolkki, Yngwie Malmsteen
bass: Taiji
piano: Yoshiki
keys: Henkka
visuals: Gackt, Eicca Toppinen

author: Oscar Wilde
novel: The Picture of Dorian Gray; Silmarillion + Unfinished Tales
drama: Hamlet
poem: The Ballad of Reading Gaol
play in theater: Twelfth Night; or, What You Will
saga: Memory, Sorrow and Thorn; Song of Fire and Ice

movie: Red Cliff
actor: Jackie Chan, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Johnny Depp
director: Tim Burton
music composer: Danny Elfman
anime: Meine Liebe
manga: Loveless, Koisuru boukun
seiyuu: Toshiyuki Morikawa


Pen or pencil? > PENCIL
paper or notebook? > DEPENDS... I prefer to take notes on paper
chocolate or vanilla icecream? > CHOCOLATE
coffee or tea? > BLACK INDIAN TEA
sugar and lemon? > NO, first drink my tea, then eat the lemon and afterwards eat the sugar xD
milk or cocoa? > DEPENDS on year season, temperature and time of day ;)
cake or schnitzel? > xD schnitzel as a snack...
beer or wine? > WINE, preferably red and dry
bus or train? > TRAIN
car or foot? > ON FOOT, but only short distances, let's say one hour max.
dusk or dawn? > DUSK, I love setting sun and I wish I could sleep while the sun gets up :)

Need more answers? Try to ask... but I have the right not to answer xD

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