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This Life...

12. října 2010 v 22:05 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written in June 2005
This Life

When this life full of delight,
Full of joy and music sweet,
Where one must sing as bird can sing
And dance with his white feet,
Where sky is blue and sun shines bright
And rain's a magic deed;

When this life full of torment,
Full of sorrow, pity, need,
Where even tears cannot heal fears
Of human pride and greed,
Where sky is gray and sun too sharp,
With rain grows only weed;

When this life so full of love,
Full of sweetness, full of pain,
Where two thoughts follow as twins:
"What I'm to give and what to gain?"
Where weather change as day and night,
Helps lovers survive their strain;

When this life so changeful, hard -
To live is not the easiest way -
The path with curves, one can't see end,
One is sad and meanwhile gay,
To live with honor and with friends
One to his God must pray.
And when this life finally ends
"What will be then"? I ask.
To believe in Heaven, Hell,
Faith ain't a simple task,
Therefore let's live and take what comes,
Throw away your mask!

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