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Magnificent time in Kraków

18. dubna 2011 v 18:45 | Aijin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI
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So, today just around 6 a.m. I've arrived back home... from Kraków in Poland. I went there to see my dear friends Kenroh and Lladia, to meet with Irienna and befriend Ewa, and to attend Magnificon IX., the biggest anime and manga convention in Poland. And my blog today is gonna be about how these three days were like... (though you might have guessed that already thanks to the title of this blog :P)

Well then, let us begin!

On thursday I've packed up my things and left for the night train to take me to Poland. Really funny journey, I wasn't really able to sleep well and besides, it took me some time to get to my place, as some guys were already there and they had the doors locked (I had to wake tem up o.O) Anyway, I luckily arrived to Krakow, where my dear Ken-chan was already waiting for me ^.^

Friday was about resting at Kenroh's and Irienna's place, about lot of talking, walking and "partying" :D We went to see the castle Wawel, magnolias up on the hill, the center of the town and park Jordana... really, Kraków is a very beautiful place and again I've learned many new things. But what I've appreciated most there was so many green places and parks, lots of playgrounds, benches, you know, all sorts of places where you could have fun with your friends, play many games or just take a rest in touch of nature... so calm and peaceful, very pleasant ^^

And then, on Saturday, convention started! To be honest, it was my second convention at all. I've bought some badges, took a good look at other shops, quickly went through some mangas (even Loveless was there, but only te first volume and in Japanese... ah, it's the only manga I really want to have, but I've already read first nine volumes, so I would appreciate the tenth, which suddenly was stopped being translated and uploaded on net T___T) and posters and books on manga drawing... so much about shops there, cause I'm not that much into shopping anyway :D Then there was a lot of panels... all of them in Polish of course, which gave me a pretty hard time. Most of the time, I was able to understand at least a little, sometimes it was much better (especially when I was more familiar with the theme, so Ken-chan's panels about weapons and Gackt were fine, and Irienna's about yaoi as well, in fact, Irienna's Polish is easiest for me to understand, not yet figured out why, perhaps it's because she speaks so clearly most of the time :)) Well, I had to take a break now and then from all of that Polish language, cause my head was feeling dizzy and I couldn't focus on anything anymore... but once I've walked a little on the fresh air all alone, I cleared my mind and could start again :D hehe, but I've drawn attention of a security guard there, that was pretty funny :D He came to me asking why am I sitting there all alone, once I've explained it, he just leaft me alone rather... I wonder if I really looked that bad that he was worried about me, cause many other people were sitting there alone as well :/

Well, but the greatest finale of Saturday night (fever) were the cosplays... waiting there at the entrance, in the crowd was as before the concert, but I really don't get why are people so fascinated by that... well, I like to watch beautiful things, very well done cosplays and things like this, but to be crowded because of that, almost unable to breath and watching not to get hurt too much... no! not ever again! xD (remind me of that once I'll be waiting in such a corwd again on Comics Salon :D) But you know, I think all this crowd was the organizators mistake from most of the part, but of course, heedless people who doesn't care about others, that's not the fault of anyone else. Don't know why, but I have this feeling that slovak and czech fans are more kind and warmhearted, at least from my experiance, but I don't want to generalize too much, cause I've met a lot kind Polish people as well ^___^ Well, at least Kenroh got inside early and she reserved a place for the rest of us, so we weren't that far from the stage. Hm, I should probably mention that the whole convention was taking a place in a school, so we were just sitting on the ground of a gym... Cosplays weren't bad, in fact, many of them were really very nicely wrought, some "theatrical" scenes were fine as well (others not so much, but well, that's about skills and efforts, and self-opinion of people... let's rather not comment it). And so, cosplay was the last event on Saturday for me and Kenroh, cause we went back home to have a short rest, because in the morning we had to hurry back to convention, as Irienna's panel was starting at 7 a.m. o.O a killing time xD

Really, as I mentioned before, I think I've enjoyed Irienna's panel the most. I like her voice and way of speaking, perhaps she should be a teacher :P after that we attended some more panels, only to end up at some funny place, where you could sing songs and, ah, it's something like DDR or Guitar Hero, but on vocals... I didn't scored as bad as I thought I would xD once I've beaten Kenroh, that made me really happy :D (sorry, Ken-chan ;))

And afterwards we just went home and enjoyed the last hours of being together, before I had to go home again... again, Kenroh was seeing me off (thankfully, I would get lost without her :D) Ah, but it was certainly a beautiful time which I won't forget, certainly not the people and places and feelings... I hope we meet again very, very soon ^_____^ together with Yuki as well (who couldn't come this time T___T) so, I hereby I thank you all for a very beautiful time we shared together, I was very happy to be with you ^____^

And another thing I must mention is: X-Japan are coming to Europe! And we are going to see them in Berlin on 4th of July!!!! <3 WE ARE X !!!!!!! xD


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