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Yet Still I Hope

22. dubna 2011 v 15:40 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written on 22th April 2011, slightly inspired by the theme of the week "Nothing"

A Dream And Nothing More
"...but aiming for a goal that may not even be there is quite difficult..."
(from manga 'koisuru boukun')

My head feels dizzy, thoughts are running wild
'cause you're the one who's always on my mind,
whispering your name,
hope you feel the same,
I close my eyes and see

Blurred memories,
uncertain feelings between love and lust
Now when you're gone all is turned to dust
Still I cannot force myself to forget about you,
can't shake it off, I don't know what to do

It's not that I have wanted it this way
and I know you're not the one to blame.
It's all just a stupid coincidence
that I have fallen;
Have I fallen deep in love with you?

But is this truly love
or will this feeling fade away with time?
How then should I know now what to do,
when all I want is be there beside you?

Please forgive me if I've read too much,
if I've taken wrongly every single touch.
I know I cannot change the way I feel,
when you were near it all seemed so real.
But now you're gone and nothing has remained,
yet still I hope,
and still I pray your heart would feel the same.

So lost in dreams, far away from you,
I dare to hope that you care for me too.
Our ways have parted, I can't do any more,
it's just a dream,
just a hope and nothing more.


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