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Červenec 2011

Tublatanka - Láska drž ma ešte nad hladinou

29. července 2011 v 22:14 | Kei Satoru |  LYRICS: SLOVENSKÉ A ČESKÉ
Another beautiful, perfect song of my chidlhood... lately I hear it so often on radio and it makes me feel so calm, so happy and in the same time, so missing my dearest one... I reallly like such slow and emotionally strong songs, that can touch my heart... and this one surely is like that ^^ I really like this song very, very much... gives me shivers every time I listen to it, such a pleasant feeling ^^

As always, this translation meets my interpretation of the song more than a word-for-word translation.

(DISCLAIMER: Lyrics and music belongs to TUBLATANKA)


27. července 2011 v 11:19 | Aijin |  CONCERNING MUSIC
Tak a je to tu... Po roku a pár dňoch som sa dočkala... XD

11.7.2010 som v Budapešti stretla parádne bláznivé baby z Ostravy. Vraveli, že sú začínajúcou dievčenskou kapelou a že hrajú hudbu inšpirovanú J-Rockom. Nuž, chcela som vedieť viac, ale zatiaľ nemali nahrávky, vraj vypočuť si ich možno len v kluboch, keď hrajú naživo. A to sa mi, žiaľ, dosiaľ nepodarilo T____T Domáce nahrávky a videá z koncertov s nekvalitným zvukom mi tiež neposkytli zrovna dobrý obraz o tom, akú kvalitu ich začínajúca kapela vlastne ponúka. Ale to sa už zmenilo, pretože svetlo sveta konečne uzrel ich prvý MAXI-singel s názvom ŠACHMAT :)

SYNTAX - prívlastky (atributes)

27. července 2011 v 9:13 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 10: SYNTAX - Atributes

As we now (more or less) understand declension of nouns and adjectives, we can learn how to qualify / specify the noun and build up a simple atribute. It is an answer to the question: AKÝ? (Like what?), KTORÝ? (Which? Which one?), ČÍ? (Whose? Belonging to whom?). Possessing forms of pronouns and atributing numerals will be discussed more in future lectures.

Prídavné mená - stupňovanie

27. července 2011 v 9:09 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 9: Adjectives - comparison

Atributive adjectives of quality can be compared, creating 2nd and 3rd grade in comparison. For creating these grades there are fixed rules, but certain adjectives are irregular.

- 2nd and 3rd grade are declensed by pattern CUDZÍ (see the previous lecture)
- in 2nd and 3rd grade letter Y never occurs

Prídavné mená - skloňovanie

27. července 2011 v 9:05 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 8: Adjectives - declension

Adjectives in Slovak language are declensed according to the patterns as is shown in the table below.

- in Plural the forms varry only for masculine adjectives of animate nouns (all the other genders have the same suffixes)
- in Plural there are dual forms with animal nouns: DOBRÍ PSI (pattern CHLAP, animate) - DOBRÉ PSY (pattern DUB, inanimate)
- if by animal noun a human person is named, then it is always declensed in animate way (MLADÍ KOHÚTI = young roosters, but meaning the young fighting / rivaling boys)
- in patterns for masculine, second form after "/" is for inanimate nouns

Prídavné mená - úvod

27. července 2011 v 9:00 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 7: Adjectives - creation, classification and grammatical categories

Adjectives are used to specify the noun and as such are standing close to him in the sentence and are declensed by cases and number (singular and plural) just as the noun itself. For this declension there are patterns, which will be shown in declension tables in next lecture. At first we need to speak a little more about the function of adjectives and their relations to other words, especially nouns which they qualify.

Podstatné mená - stredný rod

26. července 2011 v 13:15 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 6: Nouns - declension of neuter nouns

Nouns in Slovak language are being declensed according to noun patterns. For neuter nouns we have 4 patterns, which cover mostly all the possibilities (except the exceptions of course :P)

- be careful in the Plural Genitive forms (!)
- watch out for dual forms ;)
- demonstrative pronouns for neuter nouns are: TO (sg.) - TIE (pl.)

Podstatné mená - ženský rod

26. července 2011 v 11:35 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 5: Nouns - declension of feminine nouns

Nouns in Slovak language are being declensed according to noun patterns. For feminine nouns we have 4 main patterns, 1 additional, and 2 special nouns, which cover mostly all the possibilities (except the exceptions of course :P)

- in Singular Instrumental is always ending -OU
- in Plural Instrumental is always ending -AMI (written with I, never Y)
- be careful in the Plural Genitive, where most changes and contractions occur (!)
- note the same or similar endings in all patterns in most of the Plural forms (G., D., L., I.)
- demonstrative pronouns for feminine nouns are: TÁ (sg.) - TIE (pl.)

Podstatné mená - mužský rod

26. července 2011 v 11:30 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 4: Nouns - declension of masculine nouns

Nouns in Slovak language are being declensed according to noun patterns. For masculine nouns we have 4 main patterns and 1 additional, which cover mostly all the possibilities (except the exceptions of course :P)

- ending letter V (in -OV) in Plural Genitive and Accusative is always read as unvoiced U
- in Singular Instrumental is always ending -OM
- in Plural Instrumental is always ending -MI / -AMI (written with I, never Y)
- note the same endings in all patterns in most of the Plural forms (G., D., L., I.)
- demonstrative pronouns for animate masculine nouns are: TEN (sg.) - TÍ (pl.)
- demonstrative pronouns for inanimate masculine nouns are: TEN (sg.) - TIE (pl.)

Embrace Our Love

25. července 2011 v 17:21 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written on 24th and 25th July 2011; the best lines are usually composed in the shower :P I hope this little romantic, loving song will be appreciated ^^ picture taken from Fine Art America

Embrace Our Love

Darling sweet
Embrace the love we share
Come touch me if You dare
And let me hold You close

Let my heart
Take in all those sweet memories
We've had and never fade away
Always shining there in the past,
Shining in the future, always last
And help us carry on

Live another day, live for me
Can you see it, darling, tell me, can You feel
How much I always yearn to be with You?
Miss You
Still I carry on,
Even when You're gone
And wait for You here, wait forever more
Wait until You come to take me home

Sweetest paradise,
Deep inside Your eyes
Enslaved by Beauty, cannot let You go,
For You and me were always meant to be
Together in this world

Darling sweet,
Feel the love we share,
Feel how much I care
I want to hold You close
To my heart

Let my heart
Sing the joyful tunes we both know
Sing for all the times that have shone
And never fade away, kiss a rose,
Feel the love and passion, break the laws
Come and claim me yours

Darling sweet,
Savour all the love that we share
Take my hand and dance in the air
And let us be so close

Gramatické pády v skratke

23. července 2011 v 15:16 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 3: Grammatical cases and their description

In Slovak, there are 7 cases, from which the 5th one is no longer commonly used. The cases are as follows:

6L.Lokál(O) KOM?
(O) ČOM?
7I.Inštrumentál(S) KÝM?
(S) ČÍM?

Now we shall discuss what functions these cases have, which grammatical phenomenon they cover and with which prepositions do they usually connects.

Podstatné mená - úvod

23. července 2011 v 15:14 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 2: Nouns - classification and grammatical categories

Nouns in Slovak language are being declensed by cases and number (singular and plural). Every noun belongs to a grammatical gender (masculine, feminine, neuter) and is declensed according to the standard tables, which will be covered in future lectures here.

Pravopis a hláskoslovie

22. července 2011 v 23:59 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 1: Ortography and the system of slovak letters

Slovak alphabet has 46 letters, but Q, W and X are used only in words from foreign languages.

priateľ Mäkčeň, kamarátka Bodka

22. července 2011 v 23:55 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
The name of this excersise book of Slovak grammar for children is forever stuck in my memory. I remember that I enjoyed it very much when I was little, but now it would be useless to me and my friends. But inspired by didactic methods and consequence of grammar issues, I've made a resolution of creating a guide to Slovak grammar for foreigners.

I've decided to put it all into a kind of quick resumé. But perhaps it won't be as quick, not within the terms of my writing and perhaps not even in the content. When I've written down what I should cover, I realized it's not such a little amount, though I surely want to explain only the basics of the grammar for someone, who already is a little familiar with this language. Of course, I am not an expert on this language, so forgive my non-professional language and knowledge, it is merely my mother language which I want to share with anyone willing to learn. Because of the need, it will be written in English, but I plan to use some strict grammar issues as well, which will be in Slovak. I only hope this little excursion on Slovak grammar will prove useful to someone. If there is a different topic on grammar, which you would like me to cover or discuss, just leave me a message and I'll try to add it here as well. For now, these topics are planned, though not absolutely in this prescripted order (and I hope to write them down as soon as possible):

Confession of Love

20. července 2011 v 22:32 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written on 20th July 2011 - Dzień Wyznawania Miłości XD

well, kind of a sequel to the poem "Wanting You" but while the first one was romantic expression of innocent love and dreams, this one speaks more about desire and obsession and as well a confession of love, because of the Day ^^

Confession: Dreams and Desire

I want you, dear, I really do
and I know you want me too:

Want to hold you close to me,
drown deep in your eyes,
kiss your hands, caress your skin,
hear your silent cries,
in this way taste everything
what in your sweet love lies.

Be it day and be it night, I always think of you.
You know well, dear, perfectly, what I want to do:

Beat the Distance, beat the Time,
they don't mean a thing,
when in our Dreams I know we can
dream of anything
and one day will come the time
when I'll hold you near,
but until then just let me say:
"You know I love you, dear."

A-Dream-Come-True: X-Japan in Europe

19. července 2011 v 18:47 | Aijin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI
And this is the report of the concert of fabulous, legendary X-Japan in Berlin's Columbia Halle on 4th July 2011 ^_^

1. A new classical intro
during which Yoshiki came to the empty stage (save for instruments and other equipment, of course :P) and stood behind his drumset in all his blue majesty and posed for us all. The traditional voice from speakers proudly introduced the band about which every person in that hall dreamed about for many years (or at least months :P), ending with that echoing X-Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan... I was speechless, like in a trance and then the show began with

2. Jade
sang together by fans. I realized several things during this first song: Toshi's voice got really better in past years and his singing during live is just wonderful (in fact I always prefered Jade live and Art of Life Live over studio versions ;)), Pata is an awesome guitarist and I fell in kind of "fanmode of Pata" during this live, Heath doesn't look so extravagant compared to Sugizo now and the last thing: I still can't fully accept Sugizo in X-Japan, no matter how talented and gifted musician he is (don't take me wrong, I like his style of playing, but I don't view him as a part of X, perhaps more like a support member.) Jade is a very strong and powerful song, the lyrics are beautiful and this song has become very special for me during this live <3
"Cause you are beautiful, your scars are beautiful like the Jade"

X-Japan and me in Berlin

19. července 2011 v 18:45 | Aijin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI
I guess it's about time now to finally write a good report on X-Japan's concert in Berlin (4th July 2011) and much more. To go such a distance for "only a concert" would be pretty expensive, so me and my friends from Poland decided to spent a prolonged weekend there and see what we could see in Berlin. From these 4 days, I've spent more than 19 hours in train :D

Okay, but let's start at the beginning:

Peha: Slnečná balada

19. července 2011 v 15:15 | Kei Satoru |  LYRICS: SLOVENSKÉ A ČESKÉ
Normally I do not listen that much to newer Slovak singers and bands, yet there are some which I really like. This is one of them, very romantic, passionate, loving ballade... kind of more free and loose translation is dedicated to the Sweet child of mine ;)

(DISCLAIMER: Lyrics and music belongs to PEHA only.)

Darkness ~A Duty~

15. července 2011 v 15:07 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  BLOODSTAINED FRIENDSHIP

Everything has changed so much since the time he's left Silverwhite. The reason why he was taken away was that a Dragon was born for him and it stole his soul. He had to become a Dragon rider, a duty he accepted with his usual determination and strong will. Doing this, he recovered from previous weakness and became strong again. Soon he surpassed all the other riders and then was named the highest warlord of all the Dragans. He accepted the offer and worked hard to keep Dragans away from the political struggles and intrigues. Even though he always supported his brother Estinee, prince of Dark elves, he's never forgotten his oath to Camui. They both were trying hard to maintain the frail peace between their nations, while the battles in Eastern Fantasy raged on for years and there seemed to be no end to them.

One Year Exactly

11. července 2011 v 15:00 | Aijin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI
By this time exactly one year ago, 11th July 2010, I still can recall that day pretty vividly :D The air was hot, sun shining way too bright and I felt a little alone, waiting in the weak shadows of trees in front of the Diesel Club in Budapest to see Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~ to perform a live concert. Alone I came, without friends or acquaintances, and by Luck or perhaps Destiny was drawn to new people: there I've met DX (girl band from Czech Republic) for the first time, others from Slovak Republic with whom I share a mutual interest in Japan related stuff and asked a beautiful Lolita for a photo. That was only the beginning, which lead me to a still lasting friendship with three persons very dear to me ^^ So... Happy birthday, Friendship! I wish it will last for many, many years, because, as one of my friend told me, Japanese people live so long thanks to the life-long friendships too... We should learn from their wisdom. I love you all so very much! Take care and see you soon!

Light ~An Oath~

8. července 2011 v 20:07 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  BLOODSTAINED FRIENDSHIP

A young elven boy looked into the distance. Far away to the south, behind the White Forests and Planes, crossing the Dividing River, were lying the shadowed lands of Dark Elves. Somewhere there was taken his best friend - he left the glorious elven seat of Silverwhite and went back home. Or to be more precise, was carried back home, because his body failed him and his health worsened.

'Envy My Life' or a short profiling verse

6. července 2011 v 21:55 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written on 23rd February 2011, during a lonely way back home...
(found it recently again and thought it might be worth publishing... not that someone would envy me my life or that what I've written there is true, though some parts might have been back then... it was simply a cry out of a lonely soul feeling misplaced, dramatized and exaggerated as always, yet I think there are some things that ring true, as many people deem their neighbours' grass greener and sky bluer, knowing nothing about it ;))

Envy My Life?

Do you envy me my life?

My perfect family?
- Live with it first.
My wealth?
- Try to deal with it first.
The shadow of my brothers?
- Hide in it first.
Silent loneliness?
- Cry in it first.
My talents?
- Boast with it first.
My broken dreams?
- Cut on them first.

Before you judge me, live my life as the coward I am,
hiding in the mirror of my imperfect and average self;

Because I am no one of importance
just living for my own dreams,
charishing them and loving them,
walking slowly and silently further to reach them.

Trying to be perfect, I'm afraid to shine.

Until one day I will be too old and weary to make my dreams come true.
Then I'll turn back and ask:
"What have I achieved beside writing down my secret stories?"
- Nothing,
because my whole life, my real self and all my dreams
are all secret.

~ The Secretary.

Unbearable Longing

6. července 2011 v 17:17 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: Slovenská, česká a poľská tvorba
written on 6. VII. 2011, and still missing You so much


Chýbaš mi tak veľmi,
ten smútok za Tebou nemá hraníc
a preto:

Neodpustím Času,
že delí, čo má byť spolu,
že sa ponáhľa, keď Ťa pevne zvieram v náručí,
a vlečie sa, keď vysoké hory stoja medzi nami,
že odlúčeniu dlhé dni vymeriava,
no splneniu snov len krátke trvanie dáva

Nie, Ty nie si ďaleko,
Vzdialenosť nie je nepriateľom naším,
je ním len Čas
a Jemu neodpustím

* * * * * * *

(and again a little practice, hope to get some private feedback from my 'teachers' ;))

Ty nie jesteś daleko,
to nie odległość wrogiem naszym,
to tylko Czas
a jemu nie wybaczę

EDITED 8/7/2011: polish text corrected by a native speaker ;)

[haiku] Marzenia o Tobie

1. července 2011 v 17:17 | Kei Satoru |  POETRY: Japan inspired
written on 1st July 2011, not only haiku inspired... damn, but where else am I supposed to put it anyway ;P

napisane szybko, nie znające gramatyki polskiego, tak proszę o wybaczenie. I mam nadzieją, że pisanie moje dotknie się tego serca, ktorego się ma, i że będzie zrozumiał...
(most surely it's grammatically incorrect, but... well, who cares? I really like this language nonetheless ^^ - master Yoda rules XD)

ta błyskawica
serce moje przebiła -
już jestem Twoją

nie znałam miłość,
nie znałam do tej chwile
Twego dotyku

dzisie marzenia
jutro będą prawdziwe -
proszę, Czas, śpiesz się!

* * *

W miłości panowania,
inny język nie dzieli nas,
użyj go nie do mówienia,
gdy już słów znaleźć nie masz