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Srpen 2011

furry love... XD

23. srpna 2011 v 22:57 | Aijin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI
Reposting once again from soup.io because they are so cute and sweet... ^^

a wonderful black cat...this one is simply adorable <3

and this one seems so familiar...
(no, I don't have a cat... but I do have a piano XD
hmmm, of course I don't bite her, though sometimes I feel a little frustrated when it's difficult to play :P)

The Way I Feel

20. srpna 2011 v 9:47 | Aijin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI
I miss You, darling... I love You

Elán: Ak nie si moja

18. srpna 2011 v 11:07 | Kei Satoru |  LYRICS: SLOVENSKÉ A ČESKÉ
As I've mentioned before, I was never that much interested in Slovak music scene. But there are songs which are quite famous here, songs, which everyone knows, because they can be heard on the radio or simply sang around the fire, on trips or just like that... This one is a romantic one, very famous as it was a part of Slovak musical "Fontána pre Zuzanu". And I always liked this song, there were times when I could cry just listening to it, so sweet and beautiful it is... ^^

As always, this translation meets my interpretation of the song more than a word-for-word translation.

(DISCLAIMER: Lyrics and music belongs to ELÁN, Vašo Patejdl and Boris Filan)

Flag in the Ground

16. srpna 2011 v 9:30 | Aijin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI
In old days people strived to gain their own land...
And in these days I do yearn for it too. I want to find my own land, a place I could call home and be able to live there happily with my beloved. No matter the hard and dangerous the road may be, I wish my story would have such a happy ending as in this song.

Sonata Arctica - Flag in the Ground:

"Please, let me know everything's alright
Thinking about you, 'though you're out of sight
every night, when I'm turning in, my tears find me.
Please hurry, dear, come back and rescue me..."
I made my way into the great unknown
Land by the river, and a new built home.
Every night, when I'm looking at the full moon rising
I hold you and know that we are free...

IMT Smile - Veľa lásky

14. srpna 2011 v 9:00 | Kei Satoru |  LYRICS: SLOVENSKÉ A ČESKÉ
I don't usually listen to radio, only on Sundays... and lately this song is played very often... of course, being not a total ignorant, I was at least able to identify the group... I must admit that their lyrics are captivating - "one most either love it or hate it" XD to be honest, I was almost all the time disliking them, but this song cought my attention, for the lyrics and for the melody... For me it says how hard the communications is in relationship and how quarels and scars are being healed by love and understanding... no matter the rain of tears, in the end there will be rainbow... ^^

This time I will try to interpet and translate this song more for the meaning than for the melody.

(DISCLAIMER: Lyrics and music belongs to IMT SMILE)

Happy Brithday, Dear!

13. srpna 2011 v 0:01 | Aijin
Turning once again
one page in the Book of Life:
Happy birthday, dear!

Well, sweet child of mine is turning 27 today. Let's wish Her all the best:

Years ago back on this day,
the world was blessed with You,
for this one gift now let me say,
how thankful I am too

I wish You now for years to come
safety on all Your roads,
love, happines and blessing of
the Seven Lucky Gods:

May Hotei always care for You, and bring You all the peace,
health and wealth and to all You have eternal happiness.

Let Juroujin who lives for long bless Your future days,
so it would take a many years before we'd sing Your lays.

Fukurojoku to those days should add a happy air,
so You would always among friends, loved and dear ones fare.

May warrior god Bishamonten always guide Your hand,
while sword You hold, and then one day as warrior would end.

May Benzaiten look down on You and share what with her lies:
muse and craft for hands and heart, and Beauty for Your eyes.

God Ebisu should bestow his blessing upon You,
so You would work where's need for You and what You enjoy too.

Let Daikokuten, last not least, lead You to the fame,
success in all what You do and respect to Your name.

Otanjoubi omedetou!
Aishiteiru <3

These Lucky Kitty Gods are way too cute not to post them for You ^____^
(picture taken from Strapya World)

And now I have found...

10. srpna 2011 v 8:02 | Ajin |  AIJIN NO NIKKI

For a time I've been thinking about reposting some nice pictures and texts from soup.io but only now I've finally decided to truly do so. Perhaps it's because those sentences there touched me very deeply, perhaps it was because of my feelings yesterday and perhaps there is no true reason at all... I like it and I want to share it... because I have found my happiness...

"And in the end you'll find a person with whom you can do anything; with whom you'll enjoy anything,
starting from preparing sandwiches, talking, up to making love. A person with whom even the most simple activity,
like a walk in the rain, would seem special and rare. Each one of us is waiting for a person, whose existence would
bring reason to waking up in the morning. And once such a person is found, don't let her be taken away from you.
Struggle with the fate, fight with the destiny for that happiness not to disappear."

- a loose translation from Kenroh's soup

and now some of those promised pics for they truly made me smile ^^

SYNTAX - privlastňovanie (possessing)

9. srpna 2011 v 11:00 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 15: SYNTAX - Possessive forms

As we now know a lot more that just nouns and its forms, combining them with adjectives and pronouns, we can create a lot of clauses and nicely specify all that surrounds us. We've already shown how to create atributes, now we will try to cover possessive forms.

Out of Pure Love

9. srpna 2011 v 8:47 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: Slovenská, česká a poľská tvorba
written on 9th August 2011... out of my undying inspiration, because I love You and never want to leave You...


Len príval slov,
srdce mi v kameň nezmení
Nesmiem byť s Ňou?
To radšej sám už budem žiť

Želanie snov
v samote, smútku vysnených,
dotklo sa sŕdc,
životu vnieslo nový dych

Ona je šťastie mojich dní a poklad, ktorý mám
Spoločné sny si hľadáme, kým do očí Jej pozerám
Ona je šťastie mojich dní, Ona je soľou zeme duše mojej
Jej srdce chrániť každý deň a navždy patriť Milovanej

Tichá hra rúk,
rozmarínom ovenčená
Nežný je zvuk
radosti, keď je nekonečná

Východný jas,
do rána sám len vykročím
Zastavím čas,
až keď Ju zovriem v náručí

Ona je šťastie mojich dní a poklad, ktorý mám
Na sny spoločné hľadíme, dávame fotke jeden rám
Ona je šťastie mojich dní, Ona je soľou zeme duše mojej
Jej srdce chrániť každý deň a navždy patriť Milovanej

Jeden je sen, jedna je noc,
tisíce hviezd Jej k nohám zložím
Jeden je deň, len jeden krok,
keď vykročíme cestou ruží
Jeden je smiech, jeden je vlas
a vôňa lásky vyberaná
Pre jeden sen zastavím čas,
nech bude navždy Milovaná

To Ty si šťastie mojich dní a poklad, ktorý mám
Budúcnosť v dlaniach držíme, dni, čo patria iba nám
Len Ty si šťastie mojich dní, si soľou zeme duše mojej
Každý deň chrániť Tvoje sny a úsmev svojej Milovanej...

Zámená - odpovede na opytovacie zámená

8. srpna 2011 v 15:00 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 14: Pronouns - Table of most common interrogative pronouns and their answers

I've decide to put end this section of pronouns by presenting a table with most common pronouns as answers to their respective interrogative pronouns. In spoken Slovak forms may varry, but these are most used and frequented, and I think that by these tables others may be dervied as well:

Zámená - neurčité a vymedzovacie

8. srpna 2011 v 14:00 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 13: Pronouns - Indefinite and delimitating

Indefinite pronouns reference to nouns, adjectives or advers in an general way, not giving any specification for one concrete "thing." They are derivated from interrogative pronouns by adding suffixes and prefixes. Delimitating pronouns are use to specify certain "thing" or group of "things" exclusivly.

Zámená - ukazovacie, opytovacie a vzťažné

8. srpna 2011 v 11:00 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 12: Pronouns - Demonstrative, interrogative and relative

These pronouns help us to determine which precise "thing" are we talking about. They are used in relations with persons, animals, things, atributes, places or circumstances, thus having a function of a noun, adjective or adverb. Demonstrative pronouns specify a "thing" already known or "poiting it out" by a gesture. Interrogative nouns are used to ask for specification of something being discussed. There are far too many pronouns and derivated forms to cover them all, here are only the most common examples.

Zámená - osobné a zvratné

8. srpna 2011 v 10:00 | Kei Satoru |  PRIATEĽ MÄKČEŇ, KAMARÁTKA BODKA
LECTURE 11: Pronouns - Personal and reflexive: subject and possessive

Pronouns, as it is told by their name, can stand for a noun, adjective or adverb and thus they identify "things" indirectly. We devide them into several categories according to their function (personal: subject and possessive; reflexive; interrogative; relative; indefinite, demonstrative and delimitating) and in every category they can be declinated according to the "category" they stand for, except those which are not inflectible ;P

Grammatical categories
1. ROD (gender): mužský (masculine), ženský (feminine), stredný (neuter)
2. ČÍSLO (number): jednotné číslo (singular), množné číslo (plural)
3. PÁD (case)
4. VZOR (pattern): pekný, cudzí, môj

Forbidden Love

2. srpna 2011 v 8:24 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: English works
written on 2nd August 2011
my current mood: sadness and sorrow... T____T
Forbidden Lovecurrent mood: sadness
(Don't Tell Me)

Don't tell me it's not natural,
don't tell me that it's wrong;
You never felt the way it feels
and never walked along
the road I choose and sincerely
sing the Lovers' song.

Don't tell me that I'm blind to see
where this my soul will take;
Don't tell me I put family
on highest bidder's stake;
Don't tell me that this happiness
is just a passion's fake.

Don't tell me that I'll hurt myself,
don't tell me it's not right;
Don't tell me that I've destroyed all
that's precious in my life.
My heart is pure and so is hers:
Since when was Love a crime?