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Prosinec 2011

1.3. Draconic Lies part 2

27. prosince 2011 v 22:21 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  RISE AND FALL: THROUGH THE DESTINY
(second part of the chapter, I'm sorry, I know it's still too long for a blog article - I must try harder next time to make the chapters shorter)

Morvan Siyanair was a village in elvish White Forests. Five clans lived there and three of them were hunters. House of Sithmael was one of them and thus young Anzi's destiny was set to become a hunter. But one day everything in his life changed.

1.3. Draconic Lies part 1

27. prosince 2011 v 21:59 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  RISE AND FALL: THROUGH THE DESTINY
(I didn't manage to cut it shorter, so I decided to cut it into two parts...)

Anzi was left speechless, staring at an empty place in front of him, where the Prince of Fairies disappeared just a moment ago in a soft silverly light. Pressed by lieutenant Aoi, he was dismissed back to his room, so he could recover and afterwards return back to his duties. He nodded silently and went back to his room, choosing the longest rout to clear his thoughts.

Bartošová: Tři oříšky pro Popelku

24. prosince 2011 v 23:43 | Kei Satoru |  LYRICS: SLOVENSKÉ A ČESKÉ
Well, I managed to catch just an ending of the typical Christmas fairy-tale: Tři oříšky pro Popelku. It's maybe kinda cliché, but oh-how-beautiful, ne? And I can't wait to watch it with my dearest Wolf ^^ gonna be so romantic :) And here is my english interpretation and translation of it:

(P.S.: the song is originally in czech, I guess I should rename the category XD)

Tři oříšky pro Popelku
/Three Wishes for Cinderella/
Iveta Bartošová

It all starts with "pociąg"

13. prosince 2011 v 19:18 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  JAZYKOVÉ OKIENKO
... or how Chinese infiltrated Polish language XD

(first, no offense intended, I like both Polish and Chinese, but this really made me laugh too much, sorry ^_^")

Some time ago we had an awesome trip where Czech, Slovak and Polish met together, speaking mostly English but other languages too. It was an amazing time and there, for the first time, this idea was born in the head of our great sorceress Yuki. Polish word "pociąg" meaning train sounded more like Chinese to her (po'chong :P) Funny idea, quick to die? Not going to happen for sure ^^

I'm learning Polish now, just basics, and though I was prepared for the difficulties and expected a lot of funny moments and misuderstandings, the idea of Chinese words was revived. First let me explain where the main problem lies.

1.2 Fairy and the Future

9. prosince 2011 v 21:42 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  RISE AND FALL: THROUGH THE DESTINY
Anzi came to the Council room as the last and sat down at the long table. The main seat, reserved for the commander of the fortress was empty, as the Elven prince hadn't yet returned from the Fantasy Council. Thus he was meanwhile substituted by lieutenant Aoi, a gryphon rider, and second lieutenant Camui. Other captains of the present companies were already there too and among them sat the Fairy prince of Fayerell, named Teru.

1.1 Mourn Over the Loss

2. prosince 2011 v 22:38 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  RISE AND FALL: THROUGH THE DESTINY
The battlefield was already filled with many dead bodies and the end was nowhere near. Sound of clanging weapons, crashing bones, heavy sighs and cries of the dying, shouts of those still fighting could be heard for miles away. Standards and flags were destroyed, dirtied and covered with blood. Whose blood it was? In whose name were they fighting? Did they know at least that much?


2. prosince 2011 v 21:31 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  RISE AND FALL: THROUGH THE DESTINY
"...and thus on the borders of Light and Darkness, seven mighty fortresses were raised for protection.
Western fortresses in the North were these: Devalain manned by Elves and Waltraud by Humans.
Feardonn in the South belonged to Humans too and Lamethin then to the Dark elves.
Far away in the eastern lands stood high keeps called Corvain and Archenhaim.
And in the heart of Fantasy at the top of Iced Mountains stood Sandarwhin, the Twilight Hall.
It was the seat of the rulers of Fantasy and as such, its function was not to divide the lands,
but connect them with its power and fragility,
with its love, justice and mercy..."

- a segment from the CHRONICLE OF FANTASY as written by the angelic saint Úriel of Iranael

OPENING: Ruins of the Twilight Hall

2. prosince 2011 v 21:05 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  RISE AND FALL: THROUGH THE DESTINY
Above the vast planes, huge old forests and high mountains, above the wide rivers and wild streams, glided a black raven. It crossed all the lands of the Fantasy and hurried to its centre. There was this beautiful world of many variations scarred by a deep black Ravine, which divided the land into two regions. In the northern parts, Light dukedoms had their homes, while the South belonged to the Darkness. Precisely in the middle, on a mountainous cliff above the Ravine, stood the highest seat of the Queen. Once the most beautiful castle in the very heart of Fantasy now lied in ruins. Butterfly Tower perished together with its rightful ruler, beloved Queen Ai and the castle, which has always, since time immemorial, been the high seat of Fantasy rulers, sank deeply into shadows and twilight.

RISE AND FALL: Through the Destiny (résume et image)

2. prosince 2011 v 19:33 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  RISE AND FALL: THROUGH THE DESTINY
Here I want to slowly present a new story. It is partially written, but as I've lost inspiration to continue, I hope to regain it by self-review and publishing. It is first written especially for my dear friend, Yuki, and this very much shortened english translation is dedicated to Kenroh and Lladia, my sweet Roses: I hope you're gonna like it ^^ (as they don't understand Slovak yet :P)

This is not truly a Fan Fiction, because the story is fantasy based. Certain J-Rockers served merely as an inspiration for the image and names of the characters but nothing more. In fact, probably it is as OOC as can be :D

Thus I have no claims on the characters' names and looks whatsoever, but I do have claims on the story and all the other fabricated names, characters and realties in the story, therefore, respect the copyrights! No copying is allowed without author's approval!