pár drobných článkov a fotiek z môjho pobytu v Japonsku:

Srpen 2012

Holub panej Aoi ;)

22. srpna 2012 v 23:39 | Amantia |  POETRY: Japan inspired
written on 22nd August 2012, during the Noh performance of Aoi-no-ue

Predstavenie Nó,
masky, kostýmy, hudba -
holub v povetrí.

Červené ruže

22. srpna 2012 v 16:53 | Amantia |  WEEKLY ATTEMPTS: 毎週試
22. VIII. 2012

Vprostred ničoho
drobné červené ruže -
prázdny letný deň.

What am I to You?

22. srpna 2012 v 11:52 | Amantia |  POETRY: English works
written on 16th and 22nd August 2012

What am I ?

I'm your best friend when we talk
and your lover in the bed
I'm your friend each time you fall
and your lover holding hand

But what am I when we are not together?

Let me be your shadow, follow in your way
Let me be your armour, protect you each day
Let me be your shield, guarding every night
Let me be your mirror, reflecting your light

Always on your mind, keep me in your heart
Remember we're one, never once depart

Devoted love, yet not together,
Stay only mine like then forever

Vidlochvost ~ Swordtail butterfly

21. srpna 2012 v 17:49 | Amantia |  WEEKLY ATTEMPTS: 毎週試
opäť pokus tohto týždňa, a možno konečne aspoň trochu podľa "pravidiel" ;)

Swordtail butterfly
on the wings of summer wind -
in search for flowers

Letný vidlochvost
splýva na krídlach vetra -
hľadá si svoj kvet

Past is gone - memories remain, smile ^^

21. srpna 2012 v 17:43 | Amantia |  POETRY: Japan inspired
written on early morning of the 21th August 2012 while walking to the job and day-dreaming; what is done is done, cannot be taken back, yet past is passed and future holds the chance for change and growth ^^

peaceful summer night -
cut hair cry over the past
left without the wind

fallen down onto the ground,
in tight embrace - forgotten

"haiku diary"

19. srpna 2012 v 19:43 | Amantia Aceracea M.L. |  POETRY: Japan inspired
trying kind of a haiku diary during the vacation in Croatia, written on 13th and 14th August

While gazing at the Croatian sea during hot summer after the night storm calmed down and sky was clear again with sun shining almost blindingly brightly, thinking about the innocence and purity of my dear lover's soul

Take a look inside -
Water just as crystal clear
Sparkling in the sun.

Pondering over similarities between the sea and human emotions

Even a calm sea
Shows its rage in crash of waves -
Peace broken sharply.

Reminiscenting recurring past events, because no matter how one tries, the thoughts can only hardly be diverged

Once or thousand times,
Last year or just day before -
It still feels the same.